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How to Calculate Average in Microsoft Excel

Excel has hundreds of functions that can help you to quickly and accurately perform calculations, among which are the AVERAGE functions. You might want to calculate the average sales figures, get the average of a group of data that contains numbers and text, or work out the average of all student scores over a certain number.

Sun Feb 25, 2024 19:00
3 Travel Accessories You Don’t Want to Leave Home Without

Packing for a trip can be stressful. These three helpful accessories can make packing easier, whether you're traveling for work or fun.

Sun Feb 25, 2024 17:30
OLED vs IPS LCD: Which Screen Type Should Your Next Laptop Have?

The discussion about whether OLED or IPS LCD is better for screens lasted years in the phone market—OLED apparently won. The next battlefield is laptop displays, so let's see the pros and cons of each contender.

Sun Feb 25, 2024 16:00
Did You Know Apple TV Supports VPNs? Here's How to Use Them

For the longest time, Apple TV devices required that you jump through hoops to get a VPN working with them, but as of tvOS 17 getting a VPN to work on an Apple TV is just as easy as doing it on an iPhone.

Sun Feb 25, 2024 15:00
Transparent OLEDs Are a TV Novelty Now, But Eventually We'll See Them Everywhere

Several display manufacturers now offer screens you can see through, like a window. This is all very cool and futuristic, and we've seen it in sci-fi movies galore, but there's so much more potential than fancy TV that won't obstruct your view.

Sun Feb 25, 2024 14:08
What Can You Stream on Nintendo Switch?

With many titles and franchises to choose from, the Nintendo Switch is a great gaming machine. However, we all need a little break from gaming now and then. Luckily, the Switch has streaming apps that offer great passive entertainment.

Sat Feb 24, 2024 19:05

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