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SpaceX pops Starship tank on purpose in explosive pressure test

The Starship SN7.1 tank was destroyed on purpose at SpaceX's South Texas facilities, during a pressure test designed to take the stainless-steel hardware to its bursting point.

1st US airline offers rapid COVID-19 testing to some passengers

Customers will have the option to take a COVID-19 test at the airport or to submit a self-collected mail-in test.

Climate scientists uncover new record-low temperature in Greenland

Climate archivists have found the coldest day ever in the Northern Hemisphere, set by Greenland in 1991

Beaked whales can hold their breath for over 3 hours (and possibly longer)

These deep-diving whales can stay submerged for more than an hour longer than once thought, and recover surprisingly quickly.

Coronavirus mutations: what we've learned so far

How fast is the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, mutating? And how have those genetic changes affected the virus?

NASA and US Space Force team up for planetary defense, moon trips and more

NASA and the United States Space Force are banding together for the future of human spaceflight. 

Wee, single-celled creatures may chow down on viruses

However, one expert says we need more proof these organisms actually eat viruses.

Earth's new minimoon might be a rocket humans launched into space in the 1960s

Earth has a small new moon coming, but it might have been made by people in the 1960s. It will take closer observations to know for sure.

Mass stranding event beaches 450 whales in Tasmania

It's the worst stranding event the Australian island has ever seen.

Gold miners discover 100 million-year-old meteorite crater Down Under

About 100 million years ago, a gigantic meteorite collided with Australia, creating a 3-mile-wide impact crater.

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