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What color is the sun?

You probably learned this at school.

Mysterious minimoon circling Earth is actually a 1960s rocket booster

It's official: Earth's minimoon is human made.

World's oldest animal fossil actually came from rotting algae

Fat molecules attributed to ancient sea sponges actually belonged to algae, two new studies suggest.

World's largest atom smasher could seed microscopic black holes

If teensy black holes could be produced inside the world's largest atom smasher, the Large Hadron Collider, that would be a boon for physics.

China's Chang'e 5 probe lifts off from moon carrying lunar samples

China has launched a small spacecraft from the surface of the moon in the critical next step in the ambitious Chang'e 5 mission to bring lunar samples to Earth.

Physicists recorded the flowing sound of a 'perfect' fluid for the first time

For the first time, physicists have recorded sound waves moving through a perfect fluid with the lowest possible viscosity.

COVID-19: When are you most infectious?

A close friend – let’s call him John – recently called, asking for advice.

Drone catches Arecibo Observatory's last moments

When the cables broke at Arecibo Observatory, a drone caught the whole event on video.

Ghostly circles in the sky can't be explained. And astronomers are excited.

Ghostly circles of radio emission, hanging out in space like cosmic smoke-rings, can't be explained by current theories. And astronomers are excited to figure them out.

Lost island beneath the North Sea survived a mega-tsunami 8,000 years ago

Some ancient islands now submerged beneath the North Sea survived a devastating tsunami about 8,000 years ago and may have played a key part in Britain's human prehistory.

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