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Studies Show Self-Compassion is the Motivator You’re Missing

Pushing ourselves and holding ourselves accountable are how we achieve success. Unfortunately, many of us mistake harsh self-criticism and self-castigation for “pushing ourselves.” And that has the opposite of the desired effect. The post Studies Show Self-Compassion is the Motivator You’re Missing appeared first on Nir and Far.

Mon Apr 8, 2024 11:53
How to Banish Virtual Meeting Boredom

It’s one thing to eliminate distractions in meetings. It’s another to do the same in virtual meetings. Now that virtual teams are becoming a norm, many coworkers have never met each other in person. Yet, they’re expected to work every day toward a shared goal. The post How to Banish Virtual Meeting Boredom appeared first on Nir and Far.

Mon Mar 25, 2024 15:22
Limiting Beliefs: Ditch the 4 Dream Killers Holding You Back

You’re probably not going to fulfill all your goals this year. And if you don’t, it likely won’t be because you’re incapable; it will be because you got in your own way. A slew of self-limiting beliefs will distract you from your goals and New Year’s resolutions. Below are four ways you’re likely to shoot yourself in the foot with self-limiting beliefs,...

Mon Mar 11, 2024 15:26
Sales Psychology: Why You Make Terrible Buying Choices

Did the load of gift returns you made in January make you realize that you need to be a smarter shopper? During the holidays, we’re bombarded with ads and sales pitches that use psychological tactics to grab our attention. These messages make it tough for us to make smart shopping choices. The post Sales Psychology: Why You Make Terrible Buying Choices...

Mon Feb 26, 2024 18:15
Listening to Fitness Gurus is Making You Fat

You could feel the excitement buzzing through the WhatsApp channel. An A-list fitness guru reportedly spending millions of dollars yearly to reverse aging was in town to hold an in-person workout. Without hesitating, I signed up. I was interested in seeing Mr. Guru in action and eager to be inspired by his approach. The post Listening to Fitness Gurus...

Tue Feb 13, 2024 19:33
The Magic of Now, Not How

Airbnb began as a weekend project when the founders sent an email offering their living-room air mattress to hotelless attendees of a major design conference. Facebook started when Mark Zuckerberg built a clone of ConnectU over the weekend and told everyone in his dorm about it. Most of us think we are never ready for what we want: being in a relationship,...

Tue Jan 30, 2024 16:05

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