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Why women make great bosses

Companies with more top female execs are more likely to please customers, be socially responsible, and are more profitable. But we don't know why. Today we talk to Corinne Post, who thinks she's solved the mystery.

The government program that contributed to the baby formula shortage

Baby formula is in short supply after a voluntary February recall by the manufacturer, Abbott. Today, we explain how the government helped shape the U.S. formula market, and why that structure led to a devastating shortage.

Factory boom, credit card debt defaults and housing

The economy is in a weird place right now. It seems like every day there are new numbers coming out that say economic conditions are either great or poor. Today, we bring you some indicators this week — factory output, credit card defaults and housing — and bring some clarity to the tumult.

Economists weigh in on the abortion debate

With the Supreme Court expected to overturn its landmark decision on abortion rights, more than 150 economists submitted a brief with the court saying there will be major consequences if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Today on the show: How the field of causal inference helps economists decipher the effects abortion policy has had on people's lives during...

Bart Simpson's American dream

Last year, we analyzed whether or not the Simpson family's lifestyle was attainable for the middle class. A writer on the show listened to that Indicator, and decided to answer that question with an episode of their own. Today, we bring you a sneak preview of their take on America's shrinking middle class.

Tracking 1 million COVID deaths

The United States has hit a million recorded deaths from COVID-19, a likely undercount. Today, how John Burn-Murdoch from the Financial Times tracks COVID-19, and what the true death toll really is.

Lessons from a former drug dealer

Are the skills from dealing drugs transferable to the world of legal entrepreneurship? We review the evidence and meet Coss Marte, a former drug dealer who built a successful fitness routine business after a long time in prison.

Crypto crashed, stocks dropped, and Apple surpassed

On today's edition of Indicators of the Week, we bring you the top numbers to know in the stock market, cryptocurrency, and the world's second most valuable company.

Beating the bond market: Luck or skill?

Bill Gross is a retired investor known for creating and dominating the bond market. But what exactly made him so successful? Today, we talk to Aaron Brown, who created a mock portfolio to unpack the success of the Bond King.

Can inflation ... inflate away debt?

We often talk about inflation as a bad thing. But for countries in a lot of debt, inflation has an upside. But can a country try to inflate its way out of debt?

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