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Thanksgiving Dinner Is The Cheapest In 35 Years

Each year, the American Farm Bureau estimates the cost of Thanksgiving dinner. The main finding this year? Thanksgiving dinner is the cheapest it's been since the survey started 35 years ago.

Should I Travel For Thanksgiving This Year?

The CDC recommends we all stay home for Thanksgiving to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. But tens of millions of Americans are expected to travel anyway. If you're one of them, here's how you can think about the risk you're taking.

Opening A Hotel During A Pandemic

The U.S. is down around 3.5 million hospitality jobs since the pandemic took hold. But in spite of setbacks, hotels continue to open.

A Face-Punching Legal Battle

Over the past few decades, the UFC has become the biggest name in mixed martial arts. But a lawsuit argues it has held down fighter wages by restricting competition.

Make Trade Stale Again

President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration will have massive implications for trade policy. Soumaya Keynes explains how Biden's approach to trade might differ from Trump's.

Winter Is Coming For The Restaurant Industry

Idaho is the leading nation in restaurant revenue growth. But that doesn't mean its restaurants are having an easy time. There are mask mandates and robust restrictions on gathering in many cities in the state, and with winter coming, restaurateurs are working hard to innovate, compensate and stay in business.

Evaluating the Washington Consensus

In 1985, then Treasury Secretary James Baker gave a speech in South Korea laying out a series of economic proposals that would transform economics around the world.

How Investment Advisors Invest Their Money

Financial advisors counsel people on what stocks and bonds and other investments to buy, and how to balance portfolios. But where do they put their own money?

Turkey Business

COVID-19-related travel and get-together restrictions are impacting small businesses across the U.S. this holiday season. The Indicator talks to a turkey farmer about how the pandemic has affected business this year.

Ant's IPO Woes

Ant Group is a fintech firm that was set to launch with the world's largest ever IPO. But just before its shares started trading, Chinese regulators pulled the plug. NPR's Emily Feng explains why.

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