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The 26 Words That Made The Internet What It Is

How one man's legal fight turned 26 ambiguous words from a 1996 law into the shield big tech companies hide behind to this day.

Too Many Real Estate Agents

There are now more realtors than homes for sale, and this is not just concerning for real estate agents facing extra competition. New research suggests too many real estate agents can make downturns worse for the entire housing market.

Plastic Is The New Toilet Paper For Scientists

A lot of pandemic-related supply chain snafus have been corrected, but scientists are still struggling to get some of their most basic supplies. What's going on?

It's Time To Fly

People are flying again. But so many airplanes are still parked in storage. Getting them in the air again isn't always so simple.

A Beige Revolution - Shaking up the Beige Book

It's Beigies season! We honor the Federal Reserve Bank that added two new sections to their Beige Book entry: Worker experience and Minority- and Women- owned Business Enterprises.

After The Banks Leave

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the decline of in-person banking. But after a bank branch finally closes down, what happens to the community left behind?

What McDonald's Tells Us About The Minimum Wage

When the minimum wage goes up, where does the extra pay for workers come from? Princeton economist Orley Ashenfelter turned to McDonald's to look for some answers.

How Burlington Powered Through 2020 Without A Website

Burlington shut down its online store right as the pandemic started, but it still weathered 2020 well. In fact, its stock prices just hit an all time high! What's Burlington's secret to success?

How Amazon Defeated The Union

The results are in: Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama will not unionize, for now. We discuss the tactics companies use to keep organized labor at bay.

Indicator Favs: How An Econ Experiment Changed Lives

Cardiff picked our final installment of favorites week. We learn about an experiment that led to more low-income students attending an elite college. Sometimes all it takes is the right nudge.

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