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The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of the Illustrious GoPro

it’s time to look back at the rollercoaster ride of their last twenty years.

Video Tutorial: Create Retro Horror Movie Titles in After Effects

Add some old-school scary vibes to your next video project with this retro titles tutorial!

The Best (and Most Insightful) Genre Films at Fantastic Fest 2021

A close look into the blood, guts, and carnage from the many gritty genre films of Fantastic Fest 2021. Let's get scared!

The After Effects Expressions Cheat Sheet: Everything I’ve Ever Wanted

And now, here's everything you need to know about every AE expression—all in one place.

Why Some Special Effects Age Well (and Others Clearly Don’t)

What makes good special effects good and bad special effects bad? Let's figure it out with a few iconic examples of the best and the worst.

NAB 2021 Cancelled – Why It Was the Right Thing To Do

With major vendors pulling out of the show—Adobe, Blackmagic Design, Canon, Sony, etc.—it was the right time for NAB to cut its losses.

Canon’s New RF Lineup: RF 16mm 2.8 and RF 100-400mm

Canon continues to add to and improve upon their stellar RF lineup, inching their way closer and closer to eliminating EF lenses.

How to Fix Desaturated Colors in Your Premiere Pro Export

Do your Premiere Pro exports look a little bland and washed-out? Here's the fast, easy fix!

Breaking News: Canon Announces EOS R3 Specs and Price

Watch out! Canon is on the verge of releasing its much-anticipated EOS R3. And, the specs are looking good. Let's check it out . . .

5 Easy-to-Use Animation Apps and Effects for Beginners

Are your animation skills lacking? Don't fret. Bring your ideas to life with our five favorite easy-to-use animation apps.

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