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How Product Strategy Will Evolve in 2023

If 2020 to 2022 was the era of Product-Led Growth (PLG), then 2023 may herald the start of the age of Product-Led Efficiency. It doesn’t have quite the snap to it as PLG (and we aren’t even going to dare to try and coin another three-letter acronym to describe it), but it’s a trend that’s worth paying attention to. Here’s why: The world...

Tue Jan 10, 2023 14:35
Product School Launches ‘Building vs Buying Analytics’ eBook with Embedded Insight Software

We recently launched the Building Vs Buying Analytics eBook in partnership with Logi Analytics from Insight Software. Dive in to learn the benefits of strategically deployed tech stack for different team members (i.e. different buyer-personas) within an organization. Companies tend to overlook investing in tech, prioritizing short-term fixes over...

Thu Jan 5, 2023 14:37
ChatGPT Replaces Our Content Team for the Day…

Three Product Management Trends to Look Out for in 2023, According to ChatGPT Twas the night after Christmas, and our content team twas short-staffed. But Product Blog readers were hungry, would the terrible silence last? We had but one recourse before our readers grew mad So we turned to ChatGPT… we hope you’ll be glad! [Poem...

Wed Dec 28, 2022 12:53
How to Product Manage Your Product Management Career

Product Managers, at their core, are problem-solvers. They’re innovators, communicators, critical-thinkers, lifelong learners. They have to be to work at the intersection of so many stakeholders and functions.  And the most critical problem you face as Product Manager (PM) may very well be shaping your own career path. If you’re here, you’ve...

Tue Dec 27, 2022 03:55
Ask Me Anything: Balancing Customer, Business, and Stakeholder Needs

At Product School #AskMeAnything sessions, you ask your questions and Product Leaders answer. These are the exceptional Product People we had the pleasure of learning from this month: Kaushik Sethuraman, Head of Programs at MetaKevin Armstrong, Senior Product Manager at AmazonShannon Vettes, Head of R&D Programs at BlaBlaCarSathya Krishnamurthy,...

Wed Dec 21, 2022 15:16
Retention Through Career Opportunity: How to Hold on to Product Management Talent

A good Product Manager is hard to find, and they’re even harder to replace. These are bright individuals with T-shaped skill sets that are difficult to replicate, with the ability to shape teams, solve conflicts, and innovate forward. They’re the kind of people you want around in a pinch.  But the average turn-over rate for Product Managers...

Tue Dec 20, 2022 04:12

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