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SQLDelight in Android: Getting Started [SUBSCRIBER]

<p>In this course, we will introduce you to SQLDelight, a generator for typesafe Kotlin code based on SQL database statements, with built-in support for migrations, schema validation and IDE integrations. From initial installation all the way to customization, you’ll learn everything there is to know about this latest invention from Square.</p>

Middleware Tutorial for Server-Side Swift Using Vapor 4: Getting Started [FREE]

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create middleware — a module that sits between an app and the browser and removes some of the work load from your web app.

Integrating detekt in the Workflow [FREE]

Learn how to integrate the powerful detekt tool in Android app development to help detect and prevent code smells during the development process.

SwiftGen Tutorial for iOS [FREE]

Learn how SwiftGen makes it easy to get rid of magic strings in your iOS projects.

Audio with AVFoundation [SUBSCRIBER]

<p>AVFoundation is Apple’s advanced framework for working with time-based media, such as audio and video. This course covers the essentials to using the AVFoundation framework to create audio based apps. You’ll learn how to set up audio sessions; record and playback audio; audio metering, how to control volume and rate; special effects,...

Android Sleep API Tutorial: Getting Started [FREE]

Learn how to use the Android Sleep API in your Kotlin apps to track when the user is asleep, awake, how long they slept, and the confidence of the results.

Picture in Picture Across All Platforms [FREE]

Learn how to implement Picture in Picture for default and custom video players across all app platforms.

Firebase Realtime Database Tutorial for Flutter [FREE]

Get started with Firebase Realtime Database by building a chat app in Flutter that provides instant updates to connected devices.

Announcing Android Test-Driven Development by Tutorials, Second Edition! [FREE]

Dive into test-driven development (TDD). Build testable, sustainable Android apps via JUnit, Mockito, and Espresso. Learn how with our updated book!

Firebase Tutorial: Getting Started [FREE]

Learn Firebase fundamentals including saving data, real-time sync, authentication, user status and offline support.

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