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Stateful vs Stateless Widgets in Flutter [SUBSCRIBER]

<p>Dive into the world of the two main types of widgets in Flutter and learn about their features and differences and when to use each one.</p>

Scheduling Tasks With Android WorkManager [FREE]

In this WorkManager tutorial, you’ll learn how to schedule different kinds of tasks, test the tasks, as well as debug different tasks.

Dart Apprentice [SUBSCRIBER]

<p>There are many programming languages you can start learning today. But not many are modern, easy to learn, object-oriented and scalable as Dart. Plus, combined with Flutter, it allows you to build native iOS & Android applications with a single code base.</p> <p>Dart Apprentice will teach you all the basic concepts you need...

Spring Ahead Sale: Subscriptions from $149 and Books 50% Off! [FREE]

Grab our best deals of the year: Yearly Ultimate Subscriptions starting at just $149/year and every single book on our site for 50% off. Save big during this year’s Spring Ahead Sale!

Multi-Language Support with Localization in iOS [SUBSCRIBER]

<p>This course will walk you through the steps of localizing your app. Learn how to add a new language and how to use Xcode Localization Catalog to make your life easier while doing so. Also learn how to localize a Swift Package.</p>

Firebase Cloud Messaging for iOS: Push Notifications [FREE]

Learn how to use Firebase Cloud Messaging to send and receive remote push notifications in your SwiftUI iOS app.

Annyce Davis – Podcast S11 E09 [FREE]

Annyce Davis brings even more joy and enthusiasm while Dru and Nishant discuss her interview in ‘Living By The Code.’

Announcing Server-Side Swift with Vapor — Fully Updated for Vapor 4! [FREE]

We’re beyond excited to announce that our book, Server-Side Swift with Vapor, has been fully updated for Vapor 4 — and includes a completely new chapter!

Firebase Tutorial: iOS A/B Testing [FREE]

iOS A/B Testing is an effective way to test user experiences in iOS apps. Learn how Firebase makes it easy to run experiments and review results.

Server-Side Swift with Vapor [SUBSCRIBER]

<p>Learn how to build web apps and web APIs using Swift and the Vapor 4 framework!</p> <p>If you’re a beginner to web development, but have worked with Swift for some time, you’ll find it’s easy to create robust, fully featured web apps and web APIs with Vapor 4.</p> <p>Whether you’re looking to create a backend for...

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