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Programming in Swift: Fundamentals [SUBSCRIBER]

<p>Learn about Apple’s open source programming language, Swift, through hands-on examples! Take a deep dive into the Swift language, learning about core Swift concepts like loops, collections, types, optionals, functions, classes, and more.</p>

Android Data Serialization Tutorial with the Kotlin Serialization Library [FREE]

Learn how to use the Kotlin Serialization library in your Android app and how it differs from other data serialization libraries available out there.

Creating a Game Like Minesweeper in Flutter [FREE]

Explore Flutter’s capability to create game UI and logic by learning to create a game like classic Minesweeper.

Using the Terrain Tools in Unity [FREE]

Learn to create and manage a wide range of terrains in your apps by using Unity’s powerful Terrain Tools and the all new Terrain Toolbox API.

Fastlane Tutorial for Android: Getting Started [FREE]

Learn how to use fastlane to automate tasks like generating screenshots, updating metadata for your Android apps and uploading apps to the Play Store.

Xcode Project and File Templates [FREE]

Learn how to create custom project and file templates in Xcode to start new projects and files more efficiently.

SwiftUI Progressive Disclosures Tutorial [FREE]

Learn how to dress up your iOS apps with SwiftUI views containing progressive disclosures using state variables, animations and transitions.

Announcing Advanced Git, Second Edition! [FREE]

Tackle your trickiest Git situations with ease. Dive under the hood to understand how it works, and spend more time on stuff that matters.

Advanced Git [SUBSCRIBER]

<h2>Master Git!</h2> <p>Chances are if you’re involved with software development you’ve heard of and have used Git at some point in your life. Version control systems are critical for any successful collaborative software project. Git is both simple to start using and accommodating for the most complex tasks with version control....

Beginning Firebase for iOS [SUBSCRIBER]

<p>Firebase is a mobile-backend-as-a-service that provides several features for building powerful mobile apps. Learn how to use the Firebase SDK in your SwiftUI apps, and leverage the power of two of Firebase’s core features: Cloud Firestore database and Authentication to build powerful apps without writing a single line of server code.</p>

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