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Kodeco Podcast: Ryan Brodsky – Podcast Vol2, S1 E7 [FREE]

This Episode, we keep looking at Bootcamps with Ryan Brodsky who talks about the pros and cons of finding and enrolling in bootcamps.

Hack Your Job Search [SUBSCRIBER]

<p>Learn the entire process to land software developer interviews for jobs you actually want and are qualified to get. Understand how to research the market, prepare standout application materials, get noticed by reputable recruiters and pass automated screens. Build your skills, network and portfolio while raising your profile. Troubleshoot and...

TensorFlow Lite Tutorial for Flutter: Image Classification [FREE]

Learn how to use TensorFlow Lite in Flutter. Train your machine learning model with Teachable Machine and integrate the result into your Flutter mobile app.

How to Write Impactful Peer Feedback [FREE]

Discover the significance of effective peer feedback for mobile developers, and learn strategies for crafting constructive, beneficial feedback that helps your colleagues grow.

Jetpack Compose for Wear OS [FREE]

Learn about Jetpack Compose for Wear OS by building a dedicated app to manage breath-holding times, including a stopwatch to track new records and save them in the collection. In this tutorial, you’ll get to know all the essential components, such as Inputs, Dialogs, Progress Indicators and Page Indicators. You’ll also learn when to use a Vignette and...

New Scanning and Text Capabilities with VisionKit [FREE]

VisionKit comes with new Scanning and Text Capabilities. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Apple’s latest VisionKit update to take advantage of the new capabilities.

Test-Driven Development in Android [SUBSCRIBER]

<p>In this course, you are going to learn how to create scalable and maintainable apps by applying several testing methodologies like the Red-Green-Refactor steps and frameworks such as JUnit and Mockito. You will also learn about SOLID principles, design patterns and the best architectures for testing.</p>

Kodeco Podcast: Via Fairchild and Jeff Rames – Podcast Vol2, S1 E6 [FREE]

Dru and Suz talk with Via Fairchild and Jeff Rames about the joys of keeping up a professional life while having children. This episode: Exploring the true work/life balance!

How to Create a 2D Snake Game in Flutter [SUBSCRIBER]

<p>Learn how to build a 2D Snake game in Flutter for both Android and iOS platforms. You will learn how to use Flutter as a simple game engine by creating the classic 2D Snake Game. You will get to know the basics of 2D game graphics and to control objects on the screen.</p>

New Features at Kodeco — January 2023 Update [FREE]

Make the most out of your time with Kodeco — check out the newest site features created just for you!

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