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Reddit’s Crypto Moons Upvote a 73% Surge in 2023

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Bitcoin NFTs Explode in Popularity as BitMEX Research Shows 13,000 Ordinals

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Which is the most useful Cryptocurrency Subreddits?

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Is it bull season or not? Here is the answer

Hi, I know you all think that TA is astrology. But there's been a great amount of posts about golden crosses here, death crosses there, blue ribbon diamond formations and so on. Given the uncertainty of these theoretical assumptions (TA) I felt the need to make sure about if we're entering a bull market and how high BTC price will be in the next two...

Leading Global Bitcoin ATM Provider Coin Cloud Files For Bankruptcy

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Compiling real world use cases of crypto

Basically the links below come from posts submitted to this sub or from personal knowledge. Feel free to contribute more cases in the comment section. We'll see if any of these use cases take off in various countries/communities in the future. . Real world use cases: . . (already functioning) Singapore's Government - using...

Coinbase CEO Armstrong Decries Rumors of Possible US SEC Ban on Crypto Staking

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Commodity Strategist Mike McGlone Says Cryptocurrencies May Be Facing Their First Real Recession

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The amount of people who care about your crypto ramblings are directly proportional to how the market is doing.

7 years around crypto has taught me a lot. A few things. One. The amount of people who care about any investment you talk about is directly proportional to how many people are making money off said investment. When there a bull market, and BTC is up 300%, everyone is happy about BTC, And those who don't own are super excited about getting in on that....

Getting rid of crypto staking would be a 'terrible path' for the US — Coinbase CEO

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