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Massive Ransomware Campaign Targeting Unpatched VMware ESXi Servers

submitted by /u/Realistic-Plant3957 [link] [comments]

CyberPatriot Coach

Yo so im in a cyberpatriot team in need of a mentor and know this is just a shot in the dark but wondering if anybody knows someone interested in coaching a team. It would be really helpful and so amazing if we could get a coach in any cybersecurity field. submitted by /u/Efficient-Guard3121 [link] [comments]

How do you manage your TPRM?

How do you manage your TPRM (Third-Party Risk Management: Cybersecurity) Tool/Questionnaire/Automatic process Can you share a questionnaire, for example submitted by /u/Sweet_Peanut_5611 [link] [comments]

Cybercrime is world’s third-largest economy thanks to booming black market

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Hello, I’m a Scrum Master looking to take the pivot into Cyber security GRC , what are they needed steps to jump into cyber security GRC ?

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Help with Network

So i have like 5 years experience in a Helpdesk type role for diff companies. (I could def be a sys admin by now just not worth the headache ive seen plus i dont get bothered it’s comfortable) Anyways im working for this new tax biz and noticed that they dont have much protection. Anyways what security steps do you recommend all they have is a pw...

Ministry of Defence

Hi all, I'm considering applying for a Cyber Specialist role. Two of the criteria are "improve engineering capability" and "technical risk management." These seem quite vague to me, and the document they provide is also very vague. Do any of you have experience in this field who can give a bit more depth to these terms? Cheers! submitted by /u/One-Low-1236...

Hacking tool ideas

Does anyone have any good ideas for a hacking tool/script. Basically a script that can perform multiple tasks related to slow my knowledge in cyber security ?? My coding level is intermediate in python, c, c++ submitted by /u/notme223t [link] [comments]

Has anyone ever create a VM for malware analysis using Azure for their job?

My job is being a little stiff with money when it comes to purchasing a license for sandbox environments . I am a soc analyst and have learned and appreciated the importance of a sandbox like We sampled and loved it. We currently use Azure and have old VMs that aren't being used, so I was hoping someone could point me to a resource...

Quick Projects Inquiry

Does anyone know of any sites or agencies that offer just quick work? Where I get to help with Red Team overflow work? I'm a part-time homeschool parent so just looking for 3 week - 2 month projects. Corp-corp available if they don't want to pay me as an individual 1099 contractor. Would be nice to know if something like this exists for some extra work...

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