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Drug-resistant malaria is gaining a foothold in Africa

Analyses of patient blood samples suggest artemisinin effectiveness is slipping

The COVID-19 lockdown was for the birds—in a good way

Less traffic made habitats more hospitable across North America

World’s oldest known beads found in Morocco

Perforated shells may have signaled identity, attracted mates

Environmentalists hail China’s vow to stop building coal-fired power plants abroad

Western and Japanese private investment in coal projects around the world continues, however

Can a robot influence your decisions? It depends on how you view the machine

People who saw robots as peers versus authority figures had different responses to the machine’s influence

‘No one could have predicted.’ DNA offers surprises on how Polynesia was settled

Early explorers island hopped to discover islands thousands of kilometers apart

Costs balloon for U.S. particle physics megaproject

Scientists hope Congress will bail out $3 billion neutrino experiment

Israel’s struggles to contain COVID-19 may be a warning for other nations

Widespread boosters don't dent case rate as schools, holidays foster spread

‘Jumping gene’ may have erased tails in humans and other apes—and boosted our risk of birth defects

Adding mobile DNA sequence to developmental gene short-circuits tail development in mice

Peru’s new president is controversial. Here’s why scientists have high hopes for him

Pedro Castillo has pledged to create a science ministry and improve career prospects for young researchers

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