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Where did the pandemic start? Anywhere but here, argue papers by Chinese scientists echoing party line

China doesn’t just reject the “lab-leak” theory. It now claims SARS-CoV-2 came from another country

Chewing burns more calories than you think—and may have shaped our evolution

Study is first to put a hard number on how much energy we use grinding our gums

Genes reveal how our pelvis evolved for upright walking

Embryonic tissue samples also indicate when during pregnancy the pelvis takes shape

How 3D printing could help blind researchers ‘see’ data

“It’s not expensive to make something accessible, we just have to be innovative,” study author says

China rises to first place in most cited papers

Other methods to gauge scientific prowess still put the United States somewhat ahead

NAS sanctions White House official, changes bylaws to allow member suspensions

Among other restrictions imposed by U.S. science academy, Jane Lubchenco barred from publishing in major journal for 5 years

Can farmers fight climate change? New U.S. law gives them billions to try

Cutting emissions from fertilizer and livestock will be key, scientists say

Blood abnormalities found in people with Long Covid

Study implicates lack of key hormone, battle-weary immune cells, and reawakened viruses

Plasma reactors could create oxygen on Mars

Approach splits atmospheric carbon dioxide, but still has kinks to work out

Stowaways on NASA’s massive Moon rocket promise big science in small packages

CubeSats packed on Artemis 1 will target lunar ice—if their batteries don’t fail them

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