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Tonga shock wave created tsunamis in two different oceans

Unusual wave surges in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans were propelled by the air, researchers say

After Omicron, some scientists foresee ‘a period of quiet’

The variant’s modest toll in many countries has led to a sense of optimism. But new surprises are likely

U.S. prosecutors said an MIT scientist hid his China ties. Here’s why their case collapsed

Government misinterpreted disclosure rules and alleged nonexistent links

Mother jaguars may flirt to save their cubs’ lives

Newly witnessed strategy may prevent infanticide

Hippos recognize the voices of their friends—and potential enemies

They spray feces aggressively when played a stranger’s call

Taiwan’s science academy fined for biosafety lapses after lab worker contracts COVID-19

A research assistant at an Academia Sinica lab fell ill in November 2021 after working with infected animals

After reaching deep space haven, Webb telescope begins 5 months of fine-tuning

Operators will focus mirror segments after parking the James Webb Space Telescope in L2 orbit

Did a taste for blood help humans grow big brains? Story isn’t so simple, study argues

Researchers say sampling errors question a leading hypothesis about human evolution

U.S. accepts plea by Arkansas scientist charged in controversial China Initiative

Simon Ang admits to hiding patents, all other charges dropped

U.S. science no longer leads the world. Here’s how top advisers say the nation should respond

Growing competition means U.S. must decide where to excel, says National Science Board’s Julia Phillips

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