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Kerwax introduce Melodium P22T

Kerwax's latest device is a hand-built valve microphone preamp housed within a portable enclosure.

Antares release Auto-Tune Pro X 10.1

Auto-Tune Pro X users working in Logic Pro and Studio One are now able to benefit from the workflow improvements offered by ARA2 integration. 

Pittsburgh Modular announce Taiga

Pittsburgh Modular's latest instrument is packed with features that showcase their R&D team's latest inventions. 

Superbooth 23: Tickets on sale

Superbooth have announced that tickets for this year's show are now available for purchase. 

New Vicoustic VicDisplay panels

Vicoustics latest panels aim to solve two common studio issues at once by combining acoustic treatment with instrument storage.

SoundGhost unveil Scatter

Described as a ‘granular cloud generator’, Scatter uses short loops of incoming audio signals to create atmospheric effects and soundscapes.

Wave Alchemy reveal Glow

Glow aims to recreate the sound of one of the world’s most sought-after digital reverb units, and expands on the capabilities of the original by introducing new modulation features. 

Yamaha AG08 all-in-one mixer

The AG08 is a versatile mixer and audio interface equipped with a flexible selection of microphone, line-level, and USB I/O, along with on-board DSP effects and processing. 

New LABS FreeForms Series

A FreeForm Series is a new project which will see artists invited to create a track using LABS instruments, with all of the sales proceeds being donated to charity.

Rodecaster Pro II firmware update

The RodeCaster Pro II's latest firmware update equips the device with some powerful new sub-mixing functionality. 

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