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The digital journey of stc

In this Inside the Mind of the CEO interview, Nasser Al-Nasser, group CEO of Saudi Arabia-based information and communications technology firm stc explains how the company is doubling down on digital transformation to meet customers' present and future needs.

How governments can push towards a better tomorrow

World leaders face six interconnected challenges, and although approaches and solutions will differ by country, taking key actions will benefit all.

COVID-19 is reversing progress on the road to equality for women in work

On International Women's Day, research by PwC into the pay and employment gap between women and men shows that COVID-19 is damaging the consistent albeit slow gains made in the past decade. And pandemic or no pandemic, there is a huge economic prize from getting more women into productive, sustainable employment: If women's employment rates across...

Why financial-services firms need to change with the times

Financial-services (FS) firms are struggling to keep up with the need to upskill their workforce, and this is hurting their ability to meet today's challenges. Governments need to collaborate with firms and industry bodies to spark an upskilling revolution. Here are three no-regrets moves that will help close the skills gap and prepare for the future...

Is organizational culture the hero or villain of your pandemic story?

How has corporate culture affected organizations' responses to the COVID-19 pandemic? Strategy&'s Katzenbach Center, which studies culture, teaming, and leadership, is researching cultural effects on adaptability, teaming, productivity, and caring -- four key areas that changed dramatically in 2020.

Bill Gates tackles climate change

In his new book, Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates argues that doubling down on innovation can move the world closer to net-zero emissions.

Arguing your way to better strategy

In Making Great Strategy, Stanford business school professors Jesper Sørensen and Glenn Carroll fill a long-standing gap in the literature by explaining how to rigorously formulate and thoroughly vet a strategy. They provide the tools to make and apply a valid strategy argument and explain how to use them to construct a bridge between strategic vision...

How business can bridge the gap and achieve net zero

Business leaders need to act now to meet the demands of science, government, investors and society at large.

China and the race for the future of money

How digital currency could change the global financial landscape.

Blue Bird takes on the future of mobility in Indonesia

In this Inside the Mind of the CEO interview, Noni Purnomo, president director of the board of Indonesian transportation and logistics firm Blue Bird, explains how she led her company through the pandemic and how she is planning for the future of mobility.

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