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Make the most of your influencers

Marketers spend more than $100 billion on influencers, but how can they ensure they are getting value from their investment? New research describes the nuances in the market and acts as a guide to help companies pick the right influencers in a crowded market.

Get ready for the post-cookie world

Google's decision to phase out third-party cookies will usher in a new digital economy.

Why employee surveys, like political polls, are misleading

It isn't just political polls that misjudge people. Employee surveys do as well, Jason Korman argues. Here's how to get an accurate impression of how your staff feels.

Do people work better without a crowd?

The coronavirus pandemic has forced sports stars to go about their business without an audience. In soccer, players and coaches seem emboldened by empty stadiums -- more willing to be creative. There have been more goals but also more mistakes. In the workplace, people have adjusted too. The question is: Do we perform better with an audience or...

Running a global hospitality business in a pandemic

Minor International is a major hospitality player, predominantly in Asia, Africa, and Europe. When COVID-19 hit, business collapsed, but group CEO Dillip Rajakarier believes agile strategic planning on a daily basis will help the company not only survive the pandemic but rebound. He explains his three-phase plan to strategy+business.

What made the NBA bubble work? Data

The NBA's bubble provides an example of how the spread of COVID-19 can be controlled by tracking data from digital health devices.

Use social design to help your distributed team self-organize

For your organization to reach its post-pandemic state, you'll need to take a social design -- i.e., a human-centric and bottom-up -- approach.

COVID fatigue is real, but don't let it disrupt your recovery plans

COVID fatigue is a real phenomenon across business, but it should not get in the way of learning from the crisis and preparing for the next one.

Reconsidering servant leadership

Fifty years ago, Robert Greenleaf wrote an essay called "The Servant as Leader" that introduced the phrase servant leadership into the business lexicon as a challenge to command-and-control autocratic bosses. Adam Bryant argues that the term should be replaced to reflect a new era. Leaders today, come in two flavors: selfish and selfless.

Five opportunities for CMOs in a pandemic-impacted world

Marketing was already at a defining moment, but COVID-19 has hastened the need for transformation.

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