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Activating culture is key to making customer-centricity stick

Turning occasional customer-centricity successes into a long-term, core driver in how you do business requires that the philosophy permeate every part of your organization.

How to boost people's energy and productivity during meetings

Leaders too often move to the core of their meeting agenda by simply announcing the topic and opening up the floor--and are met with silence, random thoughts, or a rehashing of prior conversations. Instead, they need to design the "middle" of their meeting: even the most cohesive teams and confident senior executives are more successful when they have...

Summer reading suggestions 2021

Books on the science of change, noisy companies, networking know-how, and more.

When cyber pirates strike, stick with innovation

After an app marketplace was hacked, researchers found that the developers whose products were pirated didn't stop innovating. Instead, the developers spent less time making minor tweaks to their existing apps and more time developing new ones that offered improved experiences.

The rise and fall of merit

In The Aristocracy of Talent, Adrian Wooldridge traces the history of meritocracy and fears for its future.

A cautionary tale of how ego-driven managers can instill battle fatigue

E.M. Delafield's 1918 novel, The War-Workers, centers on a young woman given executive responsibility during wartime. Daniel Akst writes that it should resonate with contemporary readers because of its portrayal of the damages wrought by a self-serving micro-manager.

The untapped potential of B2B customer loyalty programs

Applying the principles of B2C rewards programs to B2B customers can reap long-term benefits.

Does culture really eat strategy for breakfast?

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" is a business truism that's past its sell-by date, argues Adam Bryant. It misses the point. The issue is creating a good, clear strategy in the first place. An effective corporate culture can never make up for a bad strategy.

Fight the fatigue that's killing your team's productivity

Fighting fatigue by building in chunks of recovery time can help leaders restore their motivation -- and that of their teams. Leadership expert Wanda Wallace explores how getting enough sleep and building in time to do things that you enjoy can help increase energy and motivation.

Moonshot management

In the 60 years since President John F. Kennedy stood before a joint session of Congress and committed the U.S. to landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth, James Webb, the NASA administrator who fulfilled that promise, has been largely forgotten. Webb was a managerial exemplar, and he offers today's leaders lessons in team-based...

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