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Thinking through the ethics of corporate journalism--before there's a problem

For the second year in a row, corporate content beat traditional information sources, such as media and government, as the most trusted news source in the Edelman Trust Barometer. A recent PwC survey yielded similar results, with 63% of consumers saying they have trust in US companies. But trust is fragile, and that means businesses must develop a...

Mining the (clean energy) gap

We may indeed need less coal in the future to create electricity. But the often-overlooked reality is that the shift to net zero will require more mining, not less. The low-emission energy systems of the future--solar and wind power, electric vehicles, and grid-scale batteries--will be highly material-intensive. And so, the mining industry's ability...

The hidden costs of the middleman economy

Tom Ehrenfeld reviews Direct: The Rise of the Middleman Economy and the Power of Going to the Source, by Kathryn Judge, and discusses the nascent threat that, she argues, middlemen play in today's economy.

Pedal to the metal

In this roundup of recent insights from PwC thought leaders, Daniel Gross sees a clear message to companies and governments that are skittish about decarbonization in the face of new global uncertainty: this is no time to take your foot off the gas.

To improve management, build a decision factory

In their new book, Decision Leadership, professors Don A. Moore and Max H. Bazerman peg leadership success to the ability to make better decisions throughout the organization. To help companies develop this capability, they weave together the various threads of behavioral economics and translate them into practical advice for leaders who want to...

It's an ad, ad, ad, ad world

If you think advertising, with its legacy of catchy jingles and 30-second spots, is headed for oblivion, you're not paying attention, says s+b's Daniel Gross. Emerging digital environments portend boom times for the industry.

Why economies crash

Mike Jakeman reviews The Illusion of Control: Why Financial Crises Happen, and What We Can (and Can't) Do About It, by Jon Danielsson, who argues that systemic financial crises are difficult to predict and equally hard to prevent.

Mining value from consumer data

Retailers and consumer goods companies face different challenges as they move "beyond digital" to serve their customers. Retailers in particular have a lot of consumer data, and now they must determine how to make money from all that information, while protecting their customers' privacy and security.

What's most needed from managers now

Leaders are pushing more decisions down the chain of command to frontline managers, who often are resistant to change. Adam Bryant argues it's now time for everyone to "lead from the seat."

A kinder, gentler deal

In Split the Pie, Barry Nalebuff, the Milton Steinbach Professor at the Yale School of Management, combines logic and empathy in a new approach to negotiating. The book is based on the idea that the negotiation pie--that is, the value produced by the deal, over and above the value that the parties to the deal can create on their own--should be equally...

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