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Why corporate well-being initiatives need to get personal

PwC's CEO Panel Survey revealed that chief executives' plans focus on three key areas: to become more digital and virtual, to adopt greater flexibility, and to be more employee oriented. As a result, they'll need a more personalized approach to well-being initiatives -- one that acknowledges that a one-size-fits-most approach will no longer suffice.

Connecting the dots in an uncertain world

A new book makes the case that serendipity is a skill, resulting from a mindset that allows you to see and act on opportunities in seemingly unrelated facts or events.

Lessons from COVID-19 about communicating risk

COVID-19 messaging provides an object lesson in how -- and how not -- to communicate in a way that gets people to recognize the nature of a threat and to act in ways that reduce risks to themselves and others. Columnist Michele Wucker describes the lessons leaders can learn about how to communicate effectively about risk.

The power of feelings at work

Understanding the importance of feelings -- which are messengers of needs -- is vital to using organizational culture to improve performance and employee satisfaction. In their article, Jon Katzenbach, Chad Gomes, and Carolyn Black explain the linkages between feelings and needs, and the concrete steps companies can take to identify and tap into positive...

Forget about the "new normal": Design something different

Customers come to you for a reason: because you're innovative or top-quality, because you're a one-stop shop, or because you build deep relationships. Now is not the time to change that fundamental value proposition. What might change, however, is how you deliver the value you promise, and that depends on five principles that translate a value proposition...

The s+b crossword

Get ready to put your knowledge of all things business to the test with a puzzle celebrating our 25th anniversary.

The six elements of transforming information into insight

How to build a world-class data and insights capability in the post-COVID-19 world.

A CEO who won't take the gloves off

Philip Roth's classic novel American Pastoral is about the CEO of a glove manufacturing company whose life goes awry. Daniel Akst writes that Roth recognizes that, in business as in life, hard work and good intentions aren't enough to shield heroes from tragedy and loss.

Don't kill bureaucracy, use it

Bureaucracy provides the structure and support new ideas need to take hold in large organizations. But once an idea is successfully implemented, the same bureaucracy can become the agent of its ossification. What's a leader to do?

Clocking in, 21st-century style

How many hours are people working from home, and how should or does that affect their pay and their working days? The issue of what constitutes paid working time is not entirely clear. Some countries are enacting right-to-disconnect laws to help people who feel exploited by always-on technology now that they work from home. A new paper proposes a...

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