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Creating the right kind of urgency to bring about change

When a core business faces disruption, most leaders believe that protecting that business -- not asking whether technology has simply made the business redundant -- is the right response. If they are to avoid this mistake and adapt to change, leaders need to think differently about the threats and their business purpose. Kodak failed because it doubled...

Four questions for a rapid leadership reset

Bolstering the military's after-action review process with four big-picture strategic questions can help give leaders the clear-sightedness they need to lead successfully through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fit-for-context leadership

In a new book, business school professor Amit Mukherjee argues that leadership practices must evolve with the technological context of their times. Accordingly, he reverse-engineers a set of practices that are fit for context in a digital era. These practices include having a commitment to inclusivity, building a broad base of knowledge, employing...

Summer reading 2020

For those who want to slow down and still keep up.

Career advice for a changing world

Most people need to chart a new course for a new era as the novel coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the changes in employment opportunities. Here is career advice for four groups of people at risk in the post-COVID-19 world from Blair Sheppard, PwC's global leader for strategy and leadership.

What COVID-19 is revealing about your customers and employees

The pandemic has changed the way businesses of all stripes are operating. If there is a positive for leaders, it's that COVID-19 is giving them the chance to learn more about their customers, employees, and the strengths and weaknesses of their processes and operations. What businesses do with this knowledge can help them navigate a new path forward.

A dramatic example of adopting best practices

Daniel Akst writes that George Bernard Shaw's 1905 play Major Barbara, which touches on themes ranging from the morality of capitalism to the practice of family businesses adopting male heirs, is the best stage drama about business -- and warrants reading today.

Three capabilities will help retailers "win the trip" through and beyond the COVID-19 crisis

Whether shoppers are in the store, at the curb, or at home, retailers can capitalize on the new realities of consumption.

Planning for the unpredictable

When faced with uncertainty, successful companies prepare and act, rather than react.

The importance of peer feedback in the digital workplace

Employers are trying to work out how to assess their employees now that remote working has become the norm for millions of people during the COVID-19 pandemic. But 360-degree feedback will help. Peer reviews and self-assessments, even done virtually, will allow employers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their people in the digital world.

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