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Where will Artemis 3 land? And when?

Last week, NASA officials appeared to suggest they were considering alternatives to the south pole of the Moon as the Artemis 3 landing site. Jeff Foust reports that while the agency now says that was a misunderstanding, it's still facing a challenge to keep the mission funded and on schedule.

Why the detection of phosphine in the clouds of Venus is a big deal

Last week, scientists announced they had detected phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus, a finding that could be evidence of life there. Paul Byrne explains why the discovery can be a catalyst for a new round of exploration of the planet.

Venus: science and politics

Even the discovery of a potential biosignature in the atmosphere of Venus cannot escape geopolitics. Ajey Lele discusses a claim made after the discovery by the head of Roscosmos that Venus is a "Russian planet."

Review: Orphans in Space

Lost among the major documentaries and blockbuster films are many small films about space that might easily be lost. Glen Swanson explore a two-DVD set that assembled an obscure set of short films, from early computer-generated imagery to in-house company footage.

Review: The Last Stargazers

Astronomy has changed dramatically over the last century, from astronomers peering into eyepieces in cold observatory domes to managing observations from the comfort of their homes. Jeff Foust reviews a book that examines those changes, and what might be lost among those advances.

Moon and Mars advocates find peace

For decades, space advocates have battled over whether humans should first return to the Moon or instead go directly to Mars. Jeff Foust reports there's growing agreement on a Moon-to-Mars strategy, if it can maintain political support.

Launch failures: fill 'er up?

Just as a car can run out of gas, some launch failures can be traced to running out of propellant before reaching orbit. Wayne Eleazer discusses why that can happen for some vehicles, or why, in other cases, failures can be traced to having too much fuel.

Star children: can humans be fruitful and multiply off-planet?

Human reproduction is one of the key issues for a long-term human presence beyond Earth, but is also a topic space agencies have been reticent to study. Fred Nadis examines what research has been done, including an unusual recent private initiative.

The West needs bold, sustainable, and inclusive space programs and visions, or else

China is developing a comprehensive vision for human exploration of the Moon and utilization of its resources. Giulio Prisco argues it's time for the US and its international partners to develop their own bold, inclusive vision of space or risk losing the future.

Review: Space Dogs

Laika is famous for being the first dog in space, but died not long after reaching orbit. Jeff Foust reviews a film that attempts to tell the story of Soviet flights of dogs mixed with contemporary scenes of strays like Laika.

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