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SK Hynix Develops HBM3 DRAMs: 24GB at 6.4 GT/s over a 1024-Bit Bus

SK Hynix unveils industry's first HBM3 stacks: 12Hi, up to 24GB, 6.4 GT/s, 819GB/s.

Raspberry Pi 4 Sees Price Increase, Global Supply Chain to Blame

For the first time in its history, Raspberry Pi has revised upward the price of its Raspberry Pi SBC. The global supply shortage is to blame, and Eben Upton offers guidance for industrial customers.

Raspberry Pi Build HAT Review: Combine Lego Kits with Pi (Updated)

The first Raspberry Pi HAT to use the RP2040 is a complete curveball. The RP2040 powers Build HAT, a collaboration between Raspberry Pi and Lego and sees Lego components being used directly with the Raspberry Pi.

Over 200 Billion Arm-Based Chips Shipped

900 Arm-based chips made every second.

The GPU Price Index, October 2021

Our GPU price index tracks graphics cards sales and prices on eBay, which remained mostly flat over the couple of weeks.

Building a Gaming PC Is Now Easier With NZXT's New BLD Kits

NZXT is introducing BLD kits to its store, allowing people easy access to the world of DIY PC building. NZXT will choose the parts for you, and give you the tools and documentation necessary for building.

FBI, NSA Warn Cybersecurity Experts of Impending BlackMatter Ransomware Attacks

U.S. federal security agencies CISA, FBI and NSA have published a joint advisory for cybersecurity experts, warning of the inevitability of a slew of new ransomware attacks from black hat hacking group BlackMatter - itself born from the ashes of the infamous DarkSide group.

How to Use Raspberry Pi Build HAT: Create a Color Sensing Rig

The latest add on sees the popular Raspberry Pi finally gain official support for Lego accessories so we built a color detecting rig that merges Raspberry Pi, HATs and Lego into one project.

Mubadala to Keep Control Over GlobalFoundries After IPO

GlobalFoundries seek to raise $2.6 billion in IPO.

Alienware x15 Review: A Thin, 1440p Machine

The Alienware x15 is a thin gaming laptop with a lovely 1440p display. But its specialized cooling doesn't prevent the processor from occasionally throttling.

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