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Female Spanish Mystery Writer Revealed to be Three Men

A female Spanish mystery writer has been revealed to be a pseudonym used by three men. The pseudonym, Carmen Mola, won a major Spanish literary prize. Read more on writerswrite.com

The Selfies 2021 Winners Announced

The winners of the 2021 Selfies have been announced. The annual awards are for self-published books. Read more on writerswrite.com

Printable Greeting Cards

Learn more about printable greeting cards which you can customize yourself and print at home using a computer and a printer. Read more on writerswrite.com

Random Word Generators and Noun Generators

These generators can be used to give you ideas. You can narrow them by word type (adjective, verb or noun) and the number of words generated. Read more on writerswrite.com

J.K. Rowling's The Christmas Pig to be Published by Scholastic

Scholastic will publish a new children's book by J.K. Rowling called The Christmas Pig. Read more on writerswrite.com

Amanda Gorman Delivers Powerful Inaugural Poem, The Hill We Climb

Amanda Gorman delivered her inaugural poem, The Hill We Climb, at President Joe Biden's inauguration. Read more on writerswrite.com

Louise Gluck Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature for 2020

American poet Louise Gluck is the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2020. The award was presented by Mats Malm. Read more on writerswrite.com

Twitter Adds Quote Tweets Feature

Twitter has added a new feature called Quote Tweets that lets you find all the retweets with comments in one place. Read more on writerswrite.com

John Green Discusses Revelatory Piece of Writing Advice

Author John Green discusses some revelatory writing advice he received in college in an interview on 60 Minutes. Read more on writerswrite.com

Hearst Evaluating Plans for O, The Oprah Magazine Print Edition

Hearst says it is evaluating plans for the frequency of the print version of O, The Oprah Magazine for 2021. It denies the print version is ending this year. Read more on writerswrite.com

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