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How to Protect Your Work (Intellectual Property)

Concerned about getting your work ripped off? How can you protect your creativity? Stop others from stealing your intellectual property. Attorney Joey C. Vitale gives advice on how to stop people from staling your work. Link to the Setup Kit here: Joey C. Vitale === 👉Subscribe:

4 Tips For The Job Search

Looking for a new job? Art Center professor Petrula Vrontikis has some quick and easy tips about when, how, and where to look. Petrula Vrontikis is an Instructor at Art Center College, as well as being the owner of a design firm and one of our favorite people here at The Futur. The last time she was on, she had a lot of great wisdom to share on...

Save 30% on everything for Black Friday!

Visit 👉 - Save 30% or more on all of our courses, resources, and merch! Use code EXTRA10 to take an extra 10% off our already reduced prices. Starting December 1st, our catalog will return to its regular price. Don’t miss out! — 👉Subscribe: 👉See our Academy Channel:

Winter Workshops are Here!

Grab your seat in an upcoming Winter Workshop: Check out all of our Black Friday deals: Just because it's winter, doesn't mean you have to go into hibernation. Use your downtime to learn something new, in the Futur's Winter Workshops. We're hosting a series of online interactive...

7 Mistakes To AVOID When Starting Your Agency w/Tim Brown

In this livestream Tim Brown shares the 7 mistakes he made while going from a freelancer to an agency. Tim is the founder of Hook Agency, content strategy evangelist, and has been featured on Forbes, Neil Patel & NBC, Fast Company. Check out Tim here:

Breaking Down Breaking Bad + 6 Steps To Closing The Sale

6 Steps To Close The Sale and one to avoid. In this video Chris, breaks down AMC’s series Breaking Bad and reveals how Jesse went “past the sale”. Chris also shares the 6 steps that goes into closing a sales lead and how you can handle each step to make sure you close. Learn more about our Business Bootcamp, designed to help you attract the right...

Are Your Dreams Big Enough? The Power of Visualization After Hours Deep Conversation

Futur Pro Members have a deep conversation about mindset, work, passion and what it takes to become successful as a creative. Your goals are your compass in life. Your hustle is your velocity. After hours is back with our pro members Mo, Chris, and Drigo! @moismai @chrisfranklinjr @drigo_who Check out the pro group:

Rich Designer Poor Designer – Growth vs. Fixed Mindset Whiteboard Session

Join us at 3pm PST. Mo Ismail Rodrigo Tasca Christopher Franklin Melinda Livsey are in town and we are doing a live white boarding session. Why should you buy back your time? Times are tight, can you afford to hire people to do the work given the uncertain economic climate? Isn't it better to earn and save money now as rainy day strategy? What's...

Zoom Interview Tips & Role Play w/ Petrula Vrontikis

Need help with interviewing for your next job? Zoom video interview tips to nail your dream job. What you should do to prepare for a virtual interview. Advice and help from ArtCenter professor Petrula Vrontikis. Petrula Vrontikis, a professor at Art Center College of Design, and owner of a design firm, has years of experience in both preparing her...

Black Friday is almost here

Don’t miss out on limited deal drops happening throughout the month 👉 All good things must come to an end. Starting December 1st, our catalog of products and courses will return to its regular price. If you’ve had your eye on something, now is the time to grab it for 20% off (or more). And remember, Black Friday...

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