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7 of the world’s most famous logos — and what you can learn from them

Have you ever wondered about the stories behind some of the world’s most famous logos, from Nike to Barbie to Uniqlo? They may not appear that complex, but they’re designed specifically to make you think and feel something about a brand. So, let’s take a closer look at a few, and see what they have to tell us about modern design and branding. Chapters:...

Mon Jul 3, 2023 10:55
The perfect fit: how to design a T-shirt

Our go-to T-shirts are like windows into our souls, declaring to the world our favorite bands, brands and icons. But how do you go about designing a T-shirt so good, your customers won’t want to take it off? Chapters: 00:00 - The perfect fit: how to design a T-shirt 00:22 - Know your printing options 01:24 - Start designing! 03:09 - Find...

Thu Jun 29, 2023 10:05
Reimagining iconic logos in the style of queer artists

How would Keith Haring design Google’s logo? What would Warhol do for Apple? How would Erte tackle Pepsi? We challenged our design community to reimagine modern-day logos in the styles of some of our favorite LGBTQIA+ artists. Chapters: 00:00 - Design Pride 2023 00:59 - A little art history 02:14 - The contest 02:37 - The results 04:00...

Thu Jun 22, 2023 07:15
8 ecommerce trends and ideas for 2023

Looking for some inspo to renovate your digital storefront? We asked our designer community for the hottest ecommerce design trends for 2023. From whimsi-gothic visuals to neo-brutalism, you’ll want to add these ecommerce design ideas to your carts. Chapters: 00:00 - 2023 Ecommerce design trends 00:16 - Animated product reveals 00:29 -...

Mon May 8, 2023 09:41
7 business card trends and ideas for 2023

Starting a new business and want cool cards to prove it? In this video, we’ll look at the 2023 business card trends identified by our amazing designer community. From optimism to free-spirited rebelliousness, there’s something for every kind of brand in this year’s trends. Chapters: 00:00 - 2023 Business card trends 00:22 - Full color on one...

Wed May 3, 2023 04:51
8 UX design trends and ideas for 2023

What will click with consumers in 2023? We asked our talented community of designers about the UX design trends you’ll see all over the internet in the year ahead. From new navigation styles to artificial intelligence, we’ll talk you through the UX design trends of 2023. Chapters: 00:00 - 2023 UX design trends 00:16 - Product reveal hover...

Mon May 1, 2023 04:51

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