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A Major Game Leak Causes Controversy Online And Nintendo Wins Against Joy Con Drift? | News Wave

Over the weekend a major gameplay leak appeared online showcasing in development footage of an anticipated title from EA. Nintendo has been under fire for the Joy Con drift situation, but now it looks like they actually have won a court case against the issue. Spawncast Jerseys: Spawncast Spotify:

So It's Finally Time... (Nintendo Direct Predictions)

Well at long last many signs are pointing to a Nintendo Direct to air this week, but what will be there and how will Nintendo handle the first half of 2023? Spawncast Jerseys: Spawncast Spotify: Second Channel:

Nintendo Direct This Week, E3 In Trouble, Live Service Games Shutting Down, PS5 Sales | SpawnCast

Tonight we're talking about information around a Nintendo Direct that's setting up to air soon along with other big topics from the week in gaming. The Panel: MVG: Nate: Evan: Dreamcastguy:

The Live Service Games Narrative Is Finally Breaking?

Over the past week a bunch of live service games were announced to drop support or shutdown completely continuing a trend of these live service titles becoming less effective in the market. Is this the end of the massive focus on games as a service genre as we know it? Spawncast Jerseys: Spawncast Spotify:

Massive PS5 Sales Revealed And Nintendo Preparing A Major Game For A Shadow Drop? | News Wave

Sony released their sales numbers for the Holiday quarter showing massive growth with production of the PS5 hitting new highs. Nintendo is reportedly set to announce a Direct as early as next week with an interesting shadow drop being lined up as well. Spawncast Jerseys: Spawncast Spotify:

The Reason Sony Made The PS1 Disc Black

Sony burst onto the scene with the PS1 and a unique looking game disc. Here's why Sony made the PS1 disc black. How Sony made the PS1 Slim so small: Thanks for watching! #PS1 #Sony #PlayStation

Nintendo's 2023 Gets An Interesting Update And A Big Game Series Set For A Return? | News Wave

Nintendo is set to release their next big Switch game in May, but based on a new report it looks like they could be out of major releases for the year. With all the talk around Metal Gear it looks like a spinoff could be set for a return. Spawncast Jerseys: Spawncast Spotify:

Nintendo Direct Confusion Hits The Internet And Sony Denies A Major PS5 Report | News Wave

Yesterday word started to spread online that the Nintendo Direct date had leaked online early and was even supported by some verified sources. Now it looks like things have taken a turn with a new update causing confusion online. Sony has fired back at Bloomberg after a new report around their new PS5 accessory and lower than expected sales. Spawncast...

Bad News Hits E3 2023 And New Details Emerge For Nintendo's Next Big Game | News Wave

E3 is set to take place this year with an in person event but a new report claims it could be a bit harder for the new organizers with major platform holders skipping the event completely. Nintendo is set to release a new Kirby game next month with some new details getting out early according to a retail listing. Spawncast Jerseys:

A Big Leak Hits The PS5 And An Unannounced Nintendo Switch Game Revealed Early? | News Wave

Over the weekend footage of Sony's big multiplayer game from Guerilla Games appeared online giving us our first look at a new title in the Horizon series. With anticipation of a Nintendo Direct approaching, it looks like another Mario game could be coming soon. Spawncast Jerseys: Spawncast Spotify:

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