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Switch 12.0.1 Brings An Interesting Update And E3 Continues To Grow | News Wave

The Nintendo Switch got another update pushing it up to 12.0.1 and while the initial patch notes mention stability it looks like a bit more happened than Nintendo is letting on. E3 2021 is a little over a month and a half away and another company has announced their plans to attend the show. Spawncast Spotify:

Sony Backtracks On PS3/Vita Store Closures And Nintendo Goes After Switch Hackers | News Wave

In a surprising announcement yesterday, Sony has decided to reverse course on closing the PS3 and Vita stores this Summer. Nintendo has continued to battle piracy with the Switch since release and now it looks like several of their lawsuits are starting to become public. Spawncast Spotify: ...

A Serious PS5 Flaw Discovered And Nintendo & Sony Break Sales Records | News Wave

Over the last week a lot of talk online has focused on the PS4 and it's inability to play games after the battery inside dies without access to Sony's servers. Now it looks like the PS5 may have the same issue. In March sales for games were up with Sony and Nintendo both breaking records in the US. Spawncast Spotify:

Does Nintendo Even Need Mario Kart 9 Right Now?

An interesting conversation came up after the release of the NPD sales numbers on Friday showing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe selling better than a lot of newer games in March bringing up the question by some outlets: does Nintendo even need to release Mario Kart 9 right now? Spawncast Spotify: News...

RE Village Demo, Nintendo & F-Zero, PS5 And Switch Sales, Nintendo Indie World | Spawncast Ep 211

Donate to help the show here:​ Spawncast Spotify:​ Spawncast 200 Edition Shirt:​ Merch:​ Panel: Nakat: MVG:

Sony Has A PS4 Problem

An issue was discovered with the PlayStation 4 that could end up making the system unusable years later after Sony moves on. The issue appears to be with the system itself losing sync with the servers, but what happens if those servers aren't there anymore to sync to? Today we'll go over what's going on and simulate the scenario Ps4 owners could face...

A Strange PS5 Issue Updated And The Resident Evil Showcase Impresses | News Wave

The PS5 just received a big update this past week adding several fixes and options for the console along with a fix for a weird issue. The Resident Evil Showcase aired yesterday showing a bunch of new info for Village and other announcements for the franchise. Spawncast Spotify: News Wave...

Switch & PlayStation Sales Go Live And Nintendo's BIG Indies Presentation | News Wave

Yesterday Nintendo had a big Indies Presentation showing off a ton of unique games with some big standouts. Both Nintendo and PlayStation revealed some new sales on their stores with hundreds of games seeing discounts. Spawncast Spotify: News Wave edited by: @KimerexProjekt Second Channel:...

A New Nintendo Switch Lite Announced And A BIG PS5 System Update Goes Live | News Wave

A new Nintendo Switch Lite was announced yesterday by Nintendo with a color that seemed to cause some debate online. The PS5 is finally getting a highly requested feature in the newest update to help out with its current storage issues. Spawncast Spotify: News Wave edited by: @KimerexProjekt...

The PlayStation Store Situation Gets Worse And Big Sony Franchises Heading To Phones? | News Wave

Over the last week, people have started to realize that patches for some older PS3 games are not downloading leaving these games unpatched. A new job listing was spotted for PlayStation shows that Sony could be looking to bring some of their bigger franchises to cell phones over the next few years. Spawncast Spotify:

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