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The program that brought Nazis to America - Brian Crim

Dig into Operation Paperclip, a secret intelligence program which brought scientists from Nazi Germany to the US after WWII. -- In May of 1945 the Third Reich was in chaos. Adolf Hitler was dead and German surrender was imminent. But while World War II was almost over, a new war was brewing. And the US was eager to recruit the smartest minds...

Tue Apr 16, 2024 18:44
Is political corruption inevitable? - Stephanie Honchell Smith

Explore common types of corruption and find out what we can do to combat it and promote transparency in our institutions. -- Corruption is often defined as misuse of a position of power for personal gain. And while corruption in politics is nothing new, it isn’t limited to the political sphere; it can happen in schools, sports, businesses,...

Thu Apr 11, 2024 18:45
The true story behind the legend of the 47 Rōnin - Adam Clulow

Dig into one of Japan’s most infamous stories about the 47 samurai who take revenge for the loss of their leader. -- Asano Naganori, lord of Akō domain, fixed his gaze on Kira Yoshinaka, a senior master of ceremony. Asano extended his short sword, charged through the castle, and struck Kira. While the wound wasn’t fatal, its consequences would...

Tue Apr 9, 2024 18:11
This person isn't actually screaming - Noah Charney

Explore Edvard Munch’s masterpiece “The Scream,” and find out why this artwork became one of the world’s most famous paintings. -- An undulating sky melds into the landscape, two silhouettes move along a balustraded walkway, and a ghostly figure’s features extend in agony. Since Norwegian artist Edvard Munch created "The Scream" in 1893, it’s...

Thu Apr 4, 2024 18:23
What is earwax — and should you get rid of it? - Henry C. Ou

Explore why earwax forms, its purpose in our health, and whether or not we should be trying to get rid of it. -- Grooming paraphernalia has been found in numerous archeological sites, many of which have included earwax removal tools. And earwax evacuation remains a popular hygienic habit today. But what is earwax? And are the efforts to eliminate...

Tue Apr 2, 2024 18:31
What Earth in 2050 could look like - Shannon Odell

What could our future world look like if we continue to do nothing about climate change? Take a look at the possibilities. -- While we’re already feeling the devastating effects of human-caused climate change, governments continue to fall short on making and executing emissions pledges that would help thwart further warming. So, what will...

Thu Mar 28, 2024 17:50

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