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An upgraded and faster search

Nov 13, 2015 | News
An upgraded and faster search

Search is one of the fundamental features users turn to Inoreader for. No matter if we’re talking about free search in all your articles or the much more full and powerful Global Search for all public articles, we know our users rely on search to look for important information or find new one. And we want to make search as helpful as it can be for everyone.

However, this is no easy feat if you’re looking at some 7 billion articles already in our database and some 10 million new ones that are indexed each day. A couple of months back we migrated our search index from Sphinx to Elasticsearch in order to ensure richer and more tailored results. And now we have upgraded the hardware for our search databases in order to make search even faster.
We have seriously invested in the hardware upgrade to speed up search and we’re already seeing tremendous effects – the average search time has gone down to about 1 second! Here’s what this looks like:
Jump to your Inoreader account, see the new fast search in action and let us know what you think!