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Discover feeds and articles in your language

Mar 1, 2022 | Pro tips
Discover feeds and articles in your language

Winter is almost over, and it is time to reveal our first major upgrade of Inoreader! Here is a real game-changer for content discovery: search for articles or feeds in a specific language. Yes, that’s right: Inoreader now reads more than 25 languages, and we are ready to serve you the most relevant feeds and articles. 

The main advantage of using Inoreader – the discovery of relevant articles and feeds is now better than ever. You can search through thousands of public feeds, thus avoiding the algorithms imposed by the major search engines. With Inoreader, you will be able to discover the most recent content for your keywords and subjects.

Does this help you? Of course! You may monitor your favorite topics, your own business, or your competitors much closer and better!

Discover Articles in a preferred language

With Inoreader, you can search for articles and feeds in more than 25 different languages

With monitoring feeds, Inoreader lets you search through thousands of websites: media publishers, blogs and research journals, corporate websites, etc. The more specific your keywords and strings, the better and more targeted the results. And with the language filters, you will distill the most relevant articles. 

Create monitoring feeds in a specific language

Monitor keywords, brands, and trends – the updates come directly to you!

You want to turn the search results into a constant feed and never miss an important update? Here come Inoreader’s monitoring feeds: just start following your search results, and the most recent headlines will land directly into your Inoreader account! 

Once you have recent and relevant articles, you can consume them, save them for later, or share them with your colleagues and networks. It is up to you – anyways, you have the information, and you can decide how to use it.

Discover Feeds in a specific language 

Our new language detection service makes it possible to search for feeds posting content in a specific language. That could be of great value if you need to monitor how a particular topic is covered on a given market. An excellent solution for researchers and analysts, without a doubt.

And remember: if there is no public feed from a specific source, you can build one with our Web Feeds feature. It allows you to turn (almost) every website into a feed and start following wor updates and new articles.

*Note: Article and Feeds search in specific language is available in the web version of Inoreader. However, you may set your monitoring feeds and follow the results with our apps for iOS and PlayStore too.