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Bird Flu Is Infecting Cats (and the Occasional Dog). Here’s What to Know.

A few “reasonable precautions” can help people keep their pets safe from the H5N1 virus, experts say.

Mon Jun 17, 2024 12:30
A Bird-Flu Pandemic in People? Here’s What It Might Look Like.

There is no guarantee that a person-to-person virus would be benign, scientists say, and vaccines and treatments at hand may not be sufficient.

Mon Jun 17, 2024 12:30
Surgeon General Calls for Warning Labels on Social Media Platforms

Dr. Vivek Murthy said he would urge Congress to require a warning that social media use can harm teenagers’ mental health.

Mon Jun 17, 2024 12:30
More Women in Africa Are Using Long-Acting Contraception, Changing Lives

Methods such as hormonal implants and injections are reaching remote areas, providing more discretion and autonomy.

Mon Jun 17, 2024 12:30
Pregnant, Addicted and Fighting the Pull of Drugs

Many pregnant women who struggle with drugs put off prenatal care, feeling ashamed and judged. But as fatal overdoses rise, some clinics see pregnancy as an ideal time to help them confront addiction.

Sun Jun 16, 2024 12:20
Is That Drink Worth It to You?

Alcohol is riskier than previously thought, but weighing the trade-offs of health risks can be deeply personal.

Sat Jun 15, 2024 12:35

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