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More control over comments

Mar 8, 2014 | News
More control over comments

You can see that we are focused lately on the social stuff. Why? Because it was always there in front of you, but there were many obstacles that made it not very usable or friendly. Comment has improved, but one thing with them remained. Many people don’t know that comments in InoReader are actually public by default. The idea was simple – people reading the same topic can have common interests. If you enjoy reading about photography for example, why not discuss the latest model from Canon under it’s review with other enthusiasts? Why not later connect with them and see what they are sharing?

Sounds really cool.

The problem is that some people prefer to comment only with their connections. Others does not want to see public comments from other people. The first one was available as an option since long time ago, but was a bit obscure. The second one was only possible if you completely disable the social features, which removed liking, commenting, broadcasting and channels. It wasn’t perfect. Until today.

Today we adding some key components to comments:

  • Ability to turn off public comments altogether, and turn off email notifications by default:
  • Flag comments as inappropriate:
  • Block users:
  • Short introduction to first-time commenters about the privacy settings and rules:
Flagging comments sends notifications to our moderators. If a comment is flagged enough it will be automatically hidden.
We hope with those steps to make the comments a better place.

And remember. Don’t feed the trolls 🙂

The Innologica Team