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Super-charge your RSS with Superfeedr

Jan 27, 2015 | News
Super-charge your RSS with Superfeedr

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Inoreader is well known for its Power-user-friendly features. People love the usefulness of rules, monitoring feeds, tags, broadcasts and a lot more. Those features allow you to go beyond just consuming content in your RSS reader. They allow you to control it, organize it and export it to different channels.

One of those channels is RSS (duh). You can feed those RSS feeds to any other reader, software or even devices that support it. That’s the nature of RSS, to be simple, yet effective way to transport updates between services.

Now Inoreader gives you lightning fast RSS updates, as we now support PubSubHubbub for exported RSS feeds through our Superfeedr hub. This means you can use feeds for your tags, monitoring feeds, and everything else you create in Inoreader and together with Superfeedr we’ll speed them up for you. You will receive updates instantly, provided the client you use also utilizes PubSubHubbub. This addition will also make a big difference if you are automating stuff via providers like IFTTT.

But why is this needed? Traditionally, RSS was not designed to be a real-time protocol. The client should periodically check the RSS feed for any updates. We’d cal this “sub-optimal”, wouldn’t you?

This is where Superfeedr steps in. It’s a service that utilizes the PubSubHubbub (and XMPP, but we’re not going to talk about it today) protocol. We will not go into detail about the implementation right now, there’s plenty of documentation online and even cool videos like this one:

Here’s how to get your RSS feed for a monitoring feed, for example.

1. Right-click on your monitoring feed and click “View search information”:

2. Click the “Export off” switch to turn on the export and to get your RSS link:

All other feeds can be enabled in Preferences -> Folders and tags:

Superfeedr powered feeds are available to all users (Basic, Plus and Professional) and all feeds except folders. We hope you’d find RSS to be even faster than before and you’ll get even more out of Inoreader!

The Innologica team