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360 brand monitoring for your business

Jun 1, 2023 | Enterprise
360 brand monitoring for your business

Operating in the vast sea of the internet, brands today often face the increasing challenge of maintaining a good reputation, understanding customer sentiments, and staying ahead of the competition. With social media platforms, news outlets, and online communities buzzing with conversations about brands, products, and services, it has become crucial for businesses to embrace the practice of brand monitoring. A proactive approach enables organizations to actively listen, engage, and respond to their audience’s evolving needs and perceptions.

Enter Inoreader, an advanced content aggregation tool that empowers users to track brand mentions, industry trends, and customer feedback efficiently. Let’s delve into the world of brand monitoring and discover how Inoreader can be your ultimate ally in gaining valuable insights, shaping your brand’s strategy, and driving business growth through customer satisfaction!

Reputation management

Online brand monitoring allows companies to track what is being said about them on social media, review sites, forums, and news outlets. By monitoring conversations and mentions, companies can identify positive and negative views associated with their brand, which enables them to respond to feedback, address issues or concerns, and maintain a good reputation.

How to do it better with Inoreader

  • Utilize monitoring feeds to get all stories mentioning your brand
  • Create Google News alerts to collect all articles featuring your product
Advanced search options allow you to monitor combinations of words.

Customer insights

Monitoring online discussions provides valuable insights into user preferences, opinions, and trends. Companies can gather information on customer needs, expectations, and pain points, allowing them to make data-driven decisions to improve their product or service. Understanding user feedback can also help brands develop targeted marketing campaigns and tailor their offerings to meet customer demands.

How to do it better with Inoreader

  • Follow social media feeds (Facebook, Telegram, Reddit) where users might interact
  • Subscribe to review platforms, forums, blogs, and YouTube channels
All posts from social feeds you follow are collected and stored in your Inoreader account.

Crisis management

Another use of brand monitoring is to detect potential crises and respond quickly. By keeping track of online mentions, businesses can identify negative attitudes, customer complaints, or emerging issues that can potentially escalate. Proactive crisis management allows brands to address problems swiftly, mitigate damage, and maintain customer trust.

How to do it better with Inoreader

  • Set up push notifications and desktop alerts when certain conditions are met
  • Use highlighters to spot your brand name easily when reviewing aggregated content
Mobile push notifications ensure you never miss out on important updates.

Competitor analysis

Brands can utilize online monitoring to keep an eye on their competitors. By following other companies’ activities, they can gain insights into their strategies, product launches, customer feedback, and marketing campaigns. This information can help businesses identify opportunities for differentiation, benchmark their performance, and stay ahead of the market.

How to do it better with Inoreader

  • Follow industry websites and blogs (explore our featured collections)
  • Use Web feeds to subscribe to corporate websites without RSS
Stay ahead of industry news with collections curated by the Inoreader team.

Opinion leaders and influencers

An important task for brands online is identifying conversations related to their products or services. This includes monitoring mentions from influencers, bloggers, and other prominent industry figures. Tracking them allows businesses to identify potential brand ambassadors, engage with opinion leaders, and leverage their online presence for marketing purposes.

How to do it better with Inoreader

  • Follow influencers on their social media accounts and blogs
  • Use filters and rules to save time and weed out irrelevant content
Choose what goes into your account and filter out the rest with custom settings.

Reporting and archiving

Content monitoring tools can help agencies track a brand’s online activity, generating reports on performance, sentiment, and engagement. Archived reports enable in-depth analysis, trend identification, informed decision-making, and the ability to adapt strategies for optimal brand positioning online. This is also applicable to company teams reporting to internal stakeholders.

How to do it better with Inoreader

  • Monitor a brand’s own channels (website, blog, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube)
  • Use bulk operations and many export options to share content with a couple of clicks
Selecting multiple articles makes content distribution simple and efficient.

Overall, online brand monitoring provides businesses with real-time insights, helps maintain a positive image, supports effective crisis management, and enables them to stay competitive in the digital landscape. With Inoreader, all of this is easier and more accessible than ever.

Start a 14-day free trial and explore our Pro plan to make the most of Inoreader!