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Monitor hot topics with Monitored Keywords

Jul 13, 2015 | How-to
Monitor hot topics with Monitored Keywords

Note: Since January 2024, monitored keywords have transitioned into monitoring feeds. Find more details here.

You can follow lots of different feeds, but especially if you follow multi-topic sites, it’ll be hard to have all information about a specific topic in one place. You may well follow Engadget, The Verge and Wired, but you may also want to have the Android-related articles in one dedicated place. This is where Monitored Keywords can help.

Monitored Keywords lets you get all the information on a given topic in one place. Here’s a couple of use cases:

  • get all articles about Android from your subscriptions in one place
  • separate the Facebook-related articles from your Social Media folder in a dedicated feed
  • make a feed that shows only recipes about quinoa dishes and chocolate dessert from your YouTube cooking channels
  • monitor posts about your brand or yourself
  • get all posts about “Game of Thrones” in your Inoreader

So, let’s say you want to check out the latest news of the upcoming Star Wars episode. You can just type in the search term you’re looking for and choose the type of search you want to perform from the drop-down menu:

You can view all articles in your subscriptions that match the keywords, or only articles in a specific section. Finally, you can also use Global Search to search in all public articles – not just your personal subscriptions. This is a really powerful feature for our Pro users to monitor what others are saying about a brand or business or when there’s a topic you need to know everything about.

Once you perform the search, you’ll see additional search options – for example, I may want to see full phrase matches instead of the default match type and maybe see articles that mention Star Wars only in the title. Then with a click of a button you can create an Active Search:

This will add the search to your Inoreader and you’ll see new posts that match the search right when they are published. You can also get an RSS feed or HTML clip and use these to share your Active Search feed with others.

Since Active Search is a resource-intensive feature, it’s available in the Pro plan. If you still haven’t tried the many benefits of Pro accounts, you can get a 14 days Free trial, no credit card needed!