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Adjustable Super‐linear Photoresponse via Organic Phototransistors with Graded Active Layer Toward Intelligent Contrast Control

Super-linear photoresponse is observed in organic phototransistors based on bulk heterojunction. By modulating the gate voltage, the linearity index can be adjusted from 0.5 to 2.33 with three different work modes of nonlinear, linear, and super-linear, which have a very good application prospect in intelligent contrast control in real time image...

Sun Apr 21, 2024 14:07
Zirconium‐Pentacarboxylate Frameworks with Coexisted 4‐ and 9‐Connected Zr6 Clusters for Detection and Removal of Tetracycline Hydrochloride

Four zirconium-pentacarboxylate frameworks are successfully constructed with two novel underlying nets, where coexisted 4- and 9-connected Zr6 clusters are formed in single MOF matrix. By changing the acceptor groups, the emission of resultant Zr-MOFs can be customized from blue, yellow–green to red. The nano-sized HIAM-4053-NS can be used for efficient...

Sun Apr 21, 2024 14:07
Directed Chiral Self‐Assembly of Purely Organic Phosphors for Room‐Temperature Circularly Polarized Phosphorescence

This study highlights the creation of supramolecular structures with circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) in fluorescence or phosphorescence at room temperature (g lum ≈10−3). Through the rational design of organic phosphors having aromatic carbonyl for the El-Sayed rule, bromine for the heavy atom effect, and chiral side chains, the self-assembly...

Sun Apr 21, 2024 14:07
Polymerizable Monomer Solvents Enabled Direct In Situ Photolithography of Perovskite Quantum Dots

A polymerizable monomer, 4-acryloylmorpholine (ACMO), is introduced into the direct in situ photolithography of perovskite quantum dots, which can act as a solvent to dissolve the perovskite precursor and as a monomer to form a polymer matrix by photo-crosslinking, facilitating the in situ crystallization and growth of PQDs, thus resulting in highly...

Sun Apr 21, 2024 14:07
Giant Second‐Order Nonlinearity and Anisotropy of Large‐Sized Few‐Layer SnS with Ferroelectric Stacking

Giant second-order nonlinearity of SnS with ferroelectric stacking is reported. Its second harmonic generation (SHG) susceptibility, on the order of 1000 pm V−1, is three orders of magnitude higher than the values of traditional nonlinear crystals such as BBO and KTP. The SHG anisotropy of single-domain and multi-domain SnS flakes is systematically...

Sun Apr 21, 2024 14:07
Perfect Mirror Effects in Metasurfaces of Silicon Nanodisks at Telecom Wavelength

The paper proposes an optimization process for the dimensional parameters of silicon nanodisks based on a systematic tuning approach, which facilitates the realization of various configurations of high-reflective metasurfaces. The concepts of magnetic and electric mirror effects are considered, which provide information about the phase control of...

Sun Apr 21, 2024 14:07


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