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Israeli minister under fire for ‘lame’ Iran tweet

Itamar Ben-Gvir seemed to mock the strike against the Islamic Republic One of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s key allies has been accused of damaging Israel with just one word, after making a social media post about the alleged strike on an Iranian airfield.  Iran has brushed off reports of explosions...

Sat Apr 20, 2024 01:58
Late German billionaire ‘lives in Moscow with mistress’ – media

Karl-Erivan Haub, former head of retail chain, might have faked his own death to escape to Russia, broadcaster RTL claims Karl-Erivan Haub, the former head of a German retail giant Tengelmann Group, disappeared at an Alpine ski resort six years ago. Now, German broadcaster RTL claims that the businessman,...

Sat Apr 20, 2024 00:51
EU member worried about ‘underground’ mosques – media

Italian police worry about radicalization among Muslims in Rome and elsewhere Italian security services are monitoring 53 “unofficial” Muslim prayer sites in Rome, concerned about radicalization and terrorism, according to a news report. Improvised prayer spaces have proliferated as the number...

Sat Apr 20, 2024 00:31
US house speaker announces ‘new axis of evil’

Mike Johnson reverted to Republican orthodoxy as he vowed to get weapons to Ukraine as a matter of “critical” importance In a dramatic break from his party’s hardline conservative base, US House Speaker MIke Johnson this week praised the country’s deep state, named Russia, China, and Iran as an “axis...

Sat Apr 20, 2024 00:01
Confiscating Russian assets has ramifications, IMF warns

Seizure of immobilized reserves could undermine global financial system, according to the International Monetary Fund Any steps towards seizing Russia’s frozen reserves should be backed by legal support, so as to avoid the risk of undermining the global financial system, Alfred Kammer, Director of...

Fri Apr 19, 2024 23:32
US Congress greenlights vote on Ukraine funding

With help from the Democrats, the Republican speaker is set to put the $60 billion bill to a vote The US House of Representatives introduced a rule on Friday that would allow the vote for a $95 billion foreign aid bill, including $60 billion earmarked for the government in Kiev.  Requested by...

Fri Apr 19, 2024 22:01


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