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Full transcript of "Face the Nation," April 14, 2024

On this "Face the Nation" broadcast, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby and House Foreign Affairs Committee chair Rep, Michael McCaul join Margaret Brennan.

Sun Apr 14, 2024 22:51
U.S. will not participate in reprisal strike against Iran, official says

National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications John Kirby said that President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a "good conversation."

Sun Apr 14, 2024 22:42
2024 Masters opens final day with Tiger Woods' 100th round at the major

The final stretch of the 2024 Masters was in full swing Sunday, as five-time champion Tiger Woods struggled to pace with top golfers eyeing a win.

Sun Apr 14, 2024 22:02
4/14: Face the Nation

This week on "Face the Nation," as the world waits for what Israel's response will be after the Israel Defense Forces said it intercepted more than 300 Iranian drones and missiles, President Biden spoke to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. John Kirby, White House National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications, joins Margaret Brennan,...

Sun Apr 14, 2024 21:22
Terrorist organizations have been using Middle East conflict to "inspire," Sam Vinograd says

Samantha Vinograd, CBS News homeland security contributor and former Homeland Security official, tells "Face the Nation" that terrorist organizations have been "using the Israel-Hamas conflict to try to inspire supporters and operatives all around the world to act."

Sun Apr 14, 2024 20:32
Any economic impact from Middle East unrest is "not desirable," IMF's Kristalina Georgieva says

Kristalina Georgieva, International Monetary Fund director, tells "Face the Nation" that the economic impact of the Middle East instability so far has been "somewhat moderate," but "any impact as small as it might be is not desirable in an economy with high uncertainty and inflation still not being brought down to target."

Sun Apr 14, 2024 20:32

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