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The all-new Inoreader for iPad is here

Nov 8, 2014 | News
The all-new Inoreader for iPad is here
If you’re an iPad user, you’ve probably noticed that the layout of our Inoreader app was not ideal for the tablet screen. But this is changing today with the all-new Inoreader 2.0 app, now available on iTunes. The biggest change is the redesigned interface for iPad, but there are a couple of other nifty updates, like the Aqua theme now available on both iPhone and iPad, as well as the option of using the standard iOS sharing menu.
The design lets you browse more easily through your subscription folders and allows you to get to your starred items, tags and monitoring feeds with just one tap.
You’re in full control of how the content is displayed – depending on your preference, you can hide the article list altogether, so that nothing distracts you from reading. Or, if you prefer to know what’s coming next, you can always leave the article list open. The content is automatically resized to fit the reading pane.
When you wish to share or save an article, you just have to tap the action icon – there you’ll find the most used social sharing channels, as well as other services like Pocket and Evernote. The More options tab now opens the standard iOS sharing menu, so you can use your device’s sharing functions, if you’re more used to them. The same option is available on the sharing screen of the iPhone version.
Just as before, you can search within any category or folder, browse our catalog of feeds, sort and manage content, fast and easy.
If you’re already using our iOS app, update it through the App Store. If not, then this is a great time to try it out.