Declutter Your Inbox. Subscribe to Email Newsletters Straight Into Inoreader

You have mail! Inoreader now allows you to subscribe to Email Newsletters just as regular RSS feeds. By creating a new Newsletter feed, you have the opportunity to create a unique email address where you can direct emails and read them just as regular articles.

To create a new Newsletter feed, click the plus (+) button in the sidebar and click “Add Newsletter”. A dialog will pop up, where you will be able to choose a name for your subscription and customize the email address.

Immediately after you create the subscription, it will be ready to receive emails.

Each Newsletter Feed you create has a unique email address. You can choose to direct all your emails to this address or create different feeds for every Newsletter you subscribe to. It’s up to you.

Newsletter Feeds function the same as regular feeds, so the emails will mix nicely with your other news items. You will be able to filter them or create rules, apply tags, send them as push notifications and email alerts. Even export them as RSS feeds, essentially creating Email to RSS bridges.

Newsletter Feeds are available to Supporter and Pro users. Supporter users can create 1 Newsletter Feed with up to 30 days of email retention. Pro users can create up to 20 Newsletter Feeds without retention limitation. If you need more, you can always request a quote for a custom plan. For more information, check our pricing.

With the above news, we are also announcing the deprecation of our old Mail2Tag feature. We have prepared a converter, which will prompt you to convert your Mail2Tag tags into the new Newsletter Feeds while preserving your legacy email addresses, so you won’t have to resubscribe. Mail2Tag tags not migrated to Newsletter Feeds will stop receiving emails after May 01, 2020.