Organize and customize feeds in Inoreader

After you have added your first feeds, it is time to curate and organize them according to your preferences. Let’s start from the basics: the Sidebar.

The Sidebar

The Sidebar is where all essential information appears. There you will find your feeds, folders, automation rules or filters, and many more. It is pretty adjustable – within the Preferences – Sidebar menu, you will find useful options to customize, reorder and justify the sidebar to your needs.

You can, for example, change the Sidebar width, the unread counters, even the items shown.

Next step: Library. In Library, you will find all your relevant stuff – your Read Later articles, your Saved Web Pages, the annotated articles, your reading history. Besides all this, you will find all your Tags. 

Maybe the most important segment of the Sidebar is the Feeds section. Here are listed all of your feeds and folders. Next to every item is the Unread counter. It lets you know where the new entries are all the time. By clicking on the Unread counter, you will mark all unread articles within the feed as read.

Sometimes among your feeds, you may see a red-colored feed. It means that there are issues with the feed, and it is not working correctly.


You can group your feeds into Folders. Having Folders is an excellent approach towards keeping your newsfeed under control. It is up to you to arrange your folders. A common practice is to bring feeds on a given topic together in a dedicated folder. You can substantially reduce the noise coming from duplicate or similar headlines with the Duplicate Filter feature (available for Inoreader PRO subscribers)


Tags are excellent for organizing content around keywords or specific topics. Every single tag produces its feed (you can find the tag feeds in the Library section). The tag menu is at the bottom of every article. You can assign one or many tags from the bottom menu of every article.

More on the Tags can be found here.

Customize feeds

Inoreader gives you the power to customize your feeds and reading experience. By default, you will see a list from your unread articles – you can switch to All Articles at any time from the top right buttons.

Feed layout

The Layout is how the articles in a given feed look. You can choose different settings for every feed, folder, or tag. Go through them and find the best for your needs!

Feed sorting

Choose how your articles are sorted – newest or oldest first. The default setting is “newest first,” meaning the last article received will be shown first.

Feed grouping

Group the articles in your folders and tags by feed. You’ll get an excellent visual separation, which can greatly increase your effectiveness when reading large amount of unread articles in folders containing many feeds.

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