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Keep your teammates in the loop with Bundles

Dec 8, 2022 | Enterprise
Keep your teammates in the loop with Bundles

Note: Since January 2024, Team bundles have transitioned to Team folders. Find more details here.

You’ve been using Inoreader for a while now and can’t help but imagine how easy it would be to share insights with your colleagues if only they were on it as well. You switch to a Team subscription and invite them to join, but here’s the thing: for those of them already using multiple tools for their daily work, adding one more might turn out to be a struggle. Without the right onboarding, Inoreader can become yet another platform to get familiar with and learn to use from scratch. Sounds frustrating, right?

To make the beginning of your teammates’ journey with Inoreader smooth, you can introduce them to some valuable streams of information, handpicked and grouped into topics by you. These are called Bundles and they are here to help. Here are some ideas how:

Facilitate the onboarding of your Team

Being a seasoned Inoreader user, you have likely already found most of the sources you wish to follow and have built your perfect news feed. For a new user, however, this may seem like a tough job in the beginning. Moreover, a time-consuming one. While there are users that join the platform knowing exactly what they want to get out of it, there are others who might need a little help. Given that you’ve already put in the work of discovering and collecting the best feeds, why not share them with your team? This way, they won’t have to waste time finding them one by one, grouping them into folders, and sorting them out.

You may use Inoreader for brand monitoring, to discover trends, to track competitors, or even to learn about upcoming changes in local regulations. Whatever sources you follow, you can choose to share them (or a selection of them) with your team. This way, when your colleagues set up their accounts, they won’t start out with empty profiles to fill, but instead, use the common pool of feeds curated by you (the admin) to follow a bunch of sources at once with a single click. Now you’ll all get to share the same insights in a matter of seconds!

Add feeds simultaneously

Another cool thing about Bundles is the simultaneous content updates. Whenever a bundle owner finds a new useful source and decides to add it to a bundle, all followers of the bundle automatically subscribe to the newly added feed as well. The coolest part? You’ll get notified whenever there are any changes to the bundles you follow!

Combine different types of content

Bundles can not only contain regular RSS feeds but also custom Web feeds for all the websites without RSS, Facebook, and Reddit feeds for social media monitoring, as well as Telegram channels and Google News for the latest updates on topics your team is interested in. You can also collectively track changes, and follow podcasts and YouTube channels. Combine all sorts of content depending on your needs and distribute the best resources among your team with Inoreader!

Ready to try Bundles out? See our Enterprise plans and invite your team!