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Our AI Experiments: Deep Dive into how we are using AI & LLMs

AI Product & Marketing ExperimentsContinue reading on Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine »

Thu Apr 4, 2024 15:46
How can Philosophy help in our Modern World?

In our modern world, many believe that philosophy is outdated, that we have arrived at science, which can solve all of our problems…Continue reading on Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine »

Tue Mar 19, 2024 14:02
When do you want to Receive our Articles?

Over the past few months, we have published a lot of high-quality content on AI, LLMs, RAG, Knowledge Bases, and our experiments with Chatbots.Even though this content is AI-focused, there is an inherent Philosophical and Psychological connection as we get into biases, semantics, perception, and interpretation.In the past week, I also wrote a set of...

Thu Mar 14, 2024 17:41
How Enterprises Are Leveraging Generative AI for Innovation and Growth

Entrepreneurs are always looking for new and creative ways to keep ahead of the competition in the advancement of AI technology. One such innovative technique that has attracted a lot of interest is called generative artificial intelligence (also known as generative AI). Beyond conventional problem-solving, this revolutionary area of AI is increasingly...

Wed Mar 13, 2024 14:21
Pure audacity: the fake robot scam

How some people were selling advanced robotics and AI systems forty years ago.In 1979, as a young journalist, I was commissioned to take a trip around the world, visiting all the important Artificial Intelligence labs. I was with my TV science documentary colleague Volker Arzt, and we were doing a general research project for GEO magazine and German...

Wed Mar 13, 2024 04:15
The Legal Frontier: Exploring AI’s Influence on Legal Research

Traditionally reliant on human expertise and manual research, the legal profession is at the cusp of a technological shift as Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes inroads. This transformative shift challenges traditional legal research and case analysis methods, which involved extensive manual sifting through legal precedents. The integration of AI for...

Wed Mar 13, 2024 01:15

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