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Labeling Case Study — Video Annotation — License Plate Recognition

Labeling Service Case Study — Video Annotation — License Plate RecognitionVehicle License Plate RecognitionDriven by the continuous innovation of “Ai + IoT” technology and application, a construction boom of “smart city” has been rising all over the world. As a key part of the construction, the intelligent transportation industry has been into the stage...

5 Tech Trends Redefining the Home Buying Experience in 2021

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on UnsplashDigital technologies have become an integral part of the house-hunting process, shaping the home buying industry and affecting everyone involved. The research shows that every second buyer heads online first to look for a new home.Responding to this, real estate agents, brokers, and investors are leaning toward custom...

Deploy AI models Deployment Part 3. Deploy model locally using Flask and Json

Deploy AI models -Part 3 using Flask and JsonWe have seen in the earlier part of the AI model deployment how to set up the directory as well as the git. In this part we will build the foundation of how we can deploy model locally and in the next article we deploy the model in Heroku and Streamlit, In this section we will focus how to deploy model using...

8 concepts you must know in the field of Artificial Intelligence

The number of resources about Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be overwhelming. If you want to start learning about it, you’ll probably start running across confusing acronyms and terms like ML, NLP, Deep Learning or Reinforcement Learning that will make you wonder why you started learning AI in the first place.But don’t worry, there are 8 basic concepts...

Labeling Case Study — Agriculture— Pigs’ Productivity, Behavior, and Welfare Image Labeling

Labeling Case Study — Agriculture— Pigs’ Productivity, Behavior, and Welfare Image LabelingFacial RecognitionWoodrow Wilson Bledsoe, known as the father of facial recognition, developed a system that could recognize faces by using a 10-inch-square tablet with vertical and horizontal coordinates in the 1960s. For the past 60 years, countries across the...

The Examples and Benefits of AI in Healthcare

The Examples and Benefits of AI in Healthcare: From accurate diagnosis to remote patient monitoring2020 was extremely challenging for healthcare. A year after, the challenges carry through. Caregivers continue to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic — the mission hard enough as it is, to say nothing of its aggravation by a workforce shortage, the national...

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In The Fight Against COVID

Photo by Martin Sanchez on UnsplashEven before the arrival of COVID, it was clear that artificial intelligence would play a role in fighting with it.With the arrival of COVID, the battle began on all fronts. The knowledge needed for the effective defense such as creating vaccines was already there. However, the knowledge is not always so easy to utilize....

The TensorFlow Certification: get official recognition, but it’s hard!

How you can differentiate yourself from the millions of data scientists with Google’s official certification.Continue reading on Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine »

3 Types of Image Segmentation

If you are getting started with Machine Learning or Computer Vision, chances are you have heard the term image segmentation. If you are…Continue reading on Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine »

Why small businesses and startups should always use Analytics and AI

“There is no finish line. There are only mile markers.”-Michael Venturacourtesy: simplilearnA business can be simply understood as organized efforts put by a team to reach some preset targets, one of the most common one is getting profits. People do a lot of things to make their business grow and try new things just to ensure if any of this could click...

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