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Intelligent Automation Key To Increasing Productivity, Remaining Competitive and Driving Innovation

C-Suite Seeks Enterprise Automation Platform to Enable Self-Service Business Users to Achieve Immediate BenefitsContinue reading on Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine »

What are the Best Practices for Software Testing?

IntroductionSoftware testing is a significant kind of tradition software expansion. It is the procedure that gauges the competency of a system or program to decide if it meets the prerequisite outcomes. Recognizing mistakes or errors is the essential part and job of software testing; this procedure is even significant for many other several reasons....

Top 5 Jupyter Widgets to boost your productivity!

A guide to install, configure and use the most useful jupyter widgets.Photo by Safar Safarov on UnsplashWe can’t thank Project Jupyter enough for bringing in those versatile and interactive IPython notebooks, FOR FREE!. Hands down, jupyter has changed the way experimentation is done using conventional scripts and has become the De facto of modern-day...

My Week in AI: Part 1

Photo by Tianyi Ma on UnsplashFeaturing data engineering with SQL, Microsoft’s Build Conference and some cutting-edge Image Segmentation research.Welcome to My Week in AI! Each week this blog will have the following parts:An update on my work in AIAn overview of an exciting and emerging piece of AI researchProgress ReportRefreshing SQL skillsThis week...

Benchmarking TAR

Is Your Machine Learning Review Tool Accurately Tagging Your Documents?Continue reading on Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine »

10 Best Text Annotation Services and Tools

SourceFrom search engines and sentiment analysis to virtual assistants and chatbots, there are numerous areas of research within machine learning that require text annotation tools and services.In the AI research and development industries, annotated data is gold. Large quantities of high-quality annotated data is a goldmine. There are a variety of...

Generate stories using RNNs |Pure Mathematics with code|

SourceHi reader!A note :This article presumes that you are unreasonably fascinated by the mathematical world of deep learning. You want to dive deep into the math of deep learning to know what’s actually going under the hood.Some Information about this article:In this article we’ll discuss and implement RNNs from scratch. We’ll then use them to generate...

Teaching AI to be Evil with Unethical Data

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) system is only as good as its training. For AI Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) frameworks…Continue reading on Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine »

Technology in Agriculture

An overview of AI and ML applications in the field of agricultureThe world’s population is expected to grow to almost 10 billion by 2050, boosting agricultural demand. This is however challenged by the loss of biodiversity, spread of pests and diseases of plants and animals, and most importantly, the challenge of agriculture competing with other industries...

How to Integrate AI into Your Drupal Website the… Easy Way: 7 Drupal 8 AI Modules at Hand

Thinking about incorporating AI capabilities into your Drupal 8 website? Here are 7 modules that help you… get the best of both worlds:SourceHow do you take advantage of AI and get the most of Drupal’s content management system? Are there any Drupal 8 AI modules and tools that you could incorporate into your website and… get the most of both worlds?The...

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