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7 steps of RPA implementation for enterprise digital transformation

In the last three to four years, robotic process automation has become an integral part of enterprise digital transformation. The effects of RPA in digital transformation are such that the technology generated around $1 billion in revenue in the year 2019.In a survey by Deloitte, 53% of respondents said that RPA implementation has already begun in their...

We are all already addicted to AI

You unwittingly joined the journey, and there is no escape!Continue reading on Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine »

Deep Generation of Face Images from Sketches

The generation of facial images has important applications in various industries, such as criminal investigations, character design…Continue reading on Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine »

A little bit of strange/interesting Datasets for Machine Learning

A review outside the common datasets for Machine LearningWhen you begin in the Machine Learning field, you usually use the common datasets such as MNIST, Iris, the 20 newsgroups, … But there are hundreds of rare and interesting datasets that can be found online. At Immune Technology Institute we have asked our teachers to create a list of the most strange...

What’s So Trendy About Open-Source Social Media APIs That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

An application programming interface (API) is a computing interface which defines interactions between multiple software intermediaries…Continue reading on Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine »

Data Science the smart way: Regression — Part II

Data Science the smart way: Regression — Part IIAndreas Weiland on UnsplashWe are continuing our series on Data Science the smart way. This series helps you to master data science smartly through questions which is beneficial for concept clearance and interview preparation.You can visit the first part of the blog here.We have discussed questions about...

Orthogonal Arrays with R

Example of Orthogonal Arrays and Experimental Designs in RContinue reading on Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine »

Attention is all you need

About meI am a young data scientist just graduated, I love everything related to new technology and innovation, especially deep learning. This first article is the first in a series about NLP, computer vision, speech to text. Feel free to give me feedback, so that I can improve my work.Ps: You can also follow me daily on instagram @frenchaiguyWhy using...

Data Science the smart way: Regression

Unsplash.comWe are all aware of the fact that Data is going to rule humanity’s future. The knowledge of data and building intelligence using data is very important.But learning Data Science can be intimidating at times. Firstly due to adverse complexity and learning curve. Secondly due to the wide range of resources.Research suggests and I believe is...

Machine Learning Model For Predicting Insurance Claim Charge.

In this blog, I’m going to create a few ML models using Scikit-learn library and we’ll compare the accuracy for each of them.For complete source code and dataset, you can visit my repository. (Link mentioned at the end of this blog).About DatasetThis dataset contains 7 features as shown below:age: age of the policyholdersex: gender of policyholder (female=0,...

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