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Google Gemini proves a better health coach than humans

Google researchers introduce the Personal Health Large Language Model, a version of Gemini fine-tuned to reason on data from wearables.Read More

Fri Jun 14, 2024 04:48
Microsoft delays broad release of Recall AI feature due to security concerns

Microsoft delays broad release of Recall AI feature for Copilot+ PCs, opting for a staged rollout to Windows Insiders to ensure security and gather feedback.Read More

Fri Jun 14, 2024 04:28
How Astro Bot went from tech demo to PlayStation superstar

GamesBeat had a chance to chat with Nicolas Doucet, studio head and creative director of Team ASOBI, about Astro Bot.Read More

Fri Jun 14, 2024 00:28
Independent Solar’s rapid growth in the solar industry driven by integrity, compliance and transparency

CONTRIBUTOR CONTENT: Transparency and integrity are important in every single industry. But as Randy French, CEO of Independent Solar, has found, those values are of particular importance in the solar industry. “There are many customers that won’t go solar just because of what they’ve heard,” he says. “There’s a lot of misrepresentation…Read More

Thu Jun 13, 2024 21:01
The executive agenda 2024: Mastering business transformation in the C-suite

CONTRIBUTOR CONTENT: Strategic business transformations are initiatives undertaken to equip organizations with the capabilities needed to effectively address impending business challenges. When planning these transformations, corporate executives and board members conduct comprehensive analyses of major economic, technological, customer and operati…Read...

Thu Jun 13, 2024 20:50
Exclusive: Former Meta engineers launch Jace, an AI agent that works independently

While Jace can already handle a range of tasks, Zeta Labs has not monetized the product yet. The company is working with design partners.Read More

Thu Jun 13, 2024 20:12

خوراک خبری خود را بسازید

آیا آماده هستید تا آن را اجرا کنید؟
بدون نیاز به کارت اعتباری، یک دوره آزمایشی 14 روزه را شروع کنید.

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