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Sony adds a PlayStation on PC section to its site

PlayStation on PC is live, listing all of the currently available PlayStation games as as well as what gamers can look forward to.Read More

Gainsight launches platform updates to boost customer success

It's no secret that prioritizing customer success ties directly to business value. That's why Gainsight is launching new CS features for its platform.Read More

When we might meet the first intelligent machines

LeCun’s paper on intelligent machines is defining AI like Alan Turing’s 1936 paper defined the modern digital computer.Read More

20% of developers and IT pros say API security breaches happen monthly 

New research shows that 20% of developers and IT professionals report monthly API security incidents despite continued investment in APIs.Read More

Aonic acquires Exmox for almost $100M

Recently formed gaming venture Aonic Group today announced it had acquired ad-tech company Exmox, to augment its own ad-tech ventures.Read More

The shift to the cloud could be costing businesses more than it’s saving

All companies today are cloud companies. Curb costs and maximize cloud use through continuous, critical monitoring and analysis.Read More

Diablo IV details premium shop and season passes, promises no pay-for-power

In its latest quarterly update, Blizzard has given details for Diablo IV's post-launch monetization.Read More

Can conversational AI reduce NLP model training? Yellow AI has a plan

DynamicNLP eradicates the need for enterprises to go through the time-consuming process of manually labeling data to train a conversational AI bot.Read More

Spire Animation Studios raises round from Temasek for animated films

Spire Animation Studios announced it raised a round of funding from Singapore-based global investment company Temasek.Read More

Quantum Tech Partners: Gaming M&A isn’t taking a summer break

The folks at Quantum Tech Partners explain what they see in the games industry as relating to M&A and growth.Read More

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