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Google killing Stadia’s studios may make crossplay gaming better for everyone

The death of Stadia's in-house studios could help Google establish a new paradigm when it comes to cloud gaming.Read More

Microsoft open-sources tool to use AI in simulated attacks

Microsoft released CyberBattleSim, an open source toolkit to let researchers create attack simulations and use AI to develop network defenses.Read More

The RetroBeat — Diablo II: Resurrected gives a diabolically good first impression

Resurrected isn't just bringing back a classic. It could also help revive Blizzard's retro gaming credentials.Read More

Hideo Kojima is talking with Xbox, PlayStation’s blockbuster strategy, and more | GB Decides 191

Hideo Kojima is making a new game, and he's in talks with Microsoft about publishing the project for Xbox and Game Pass.Read More

AI Weekly: Continual learning offers a path toward more humanlike AI

Continual learning might offer a path toward more human-like AI, the members of nonprofit research group ContinualAI believe.Read More

IBM releases Qiskit modules that use quantum computers to improve machine learning

IBM is releasing Qiskit Machine Learning, a new application module that's part of its open source quantum software.Read More

Researchers detail systemic issues and risk to society in language models

A series of recent works by AI researchers found serious flaws in datasets and the outputs of large language models like OpenAI's GPT-3.Read More

Facebook failed to fix ad-targeting gender discrimination, study finds

A new study presents evidence that Facebook's ad targeting algorithms exhibit statistically significant gender bias.Read More

Tableau adds support to Einstein Discovery for user control over AI models

Tableau is making a case for business science as new discipline for putting control over AI models directly in the hands of end users.Read More

Wargaming opens office for possibly hundreds of employees in Vilnius, Lithuania

Wargaming said it has opened a new office in Vilnius, Lithuania, to strengthen the company’s distributed development model.Read More

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