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Turn Fact Into Fiction—Without Hurting Someone or Getting Sued

Photo by Antoni Shkraba Today’s post is by author Caroline Leavitt (@carolineleavitt). I’m sitting at a table talking to a friend when they tell me this astonishing, deeply compelling story about what happened to them when they were 15 and they had committed a murder, and yes, they did it, and yes, they served time. Early released,...

Tue Apr 23, 2024 12:31
Boundaries Are About More Than Simply Carving Out the Time to Write

Photo by Erin Larson on Unsplash Today’s post is by writer Mirella Stoyanova (@mirellastoyanova). There are a select few life lessons that I am fated to learn the hard way. As a therapist, a trauma survivor, and a consummate people pleaser (not to mention a woman), setting healthy boundaries is one of them.  So I should...

Wed Apr 17, 2024 12:56
Why Your Flashbacks Aren’t Working

Photo by Eduardo Sánchez on Unsplash Today’s post is by editor Tiffany Yates Martin (@FoxPrintEd). Join her for the three-part online class Mastering Backstory for Novelists. Like a genie in a bottle, flashbacks can be wonderful and terrible things. They can grant you phenomenal power—painting in backstory other characters may...

Tue Apr 16, 2024 12:00
How to Deliver Backstory Without Confusing the Reader

One of the key pitfalls of backstory, especially early in a novel, is either confusing backstory or overly coy and “mysterious” backstory. Here’s what it looks like. In the enigmatic town of Serenity Falls, nestled deep within the embrace of towering pine forests and shrouded in perpetual mist, secrets were as abundant as the whispers...

Thu Apr 11, 2024 12:08
The Totality Effect: How a Total Solar Eclipse Changes the Way We See

Photo by Deborah Springstead Ford Today’s guest post, which originally appeared in January 2018, is by author and editor Melanie Bishop (@melbishopwriter). April 4, 2024 update: As many people travel this weekend to the path of totality, several friends and readers have asked for the link to this essay that I wrote about the 2017...

Thu Apr 4, 2024 17:32
How to Gain Traction in Your Career: Q&A with The Thriller Zone’s David Temple

Podcast host, author, and actor David Temple discusses his shift from being in radio to writing novels, how to navigate author interviews from both sides of the desk, what it takes to make your own book-to-film adaptation, and how he got some of the best known names in thriller writing to appear on his podcast, The Thriller Zone (@thethrillerzone)....

Wed Apr 3, 2024 12:58

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