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What Happens When Your Waiter Can’t Afford Rent

Many towns in rural New York are bustling with city visitors, pushing up rental costs and pushing out workers.

Alex Rodriguez Joins Ownership Group for Timberwolves and Lynx

Rodriguez and Marc Lore, an e-commerce billionaire, have a pathway to controlling ownership of the professional Minnesota basketball teams in two years.

Greg Knapp, a Jets Assistant Coach, Dies at 58

Knapp, the team’s new passing-game specialist, was hit by a car while biking over the weekend and never regained consciousness, his family said.

No Longer ‘Hidden Victims,’ Children Are Dying as Virus Surges in Indonesia

Hundreds have died from Covid-19 in recent weeks, many of them under the age of 5. National leaders face mounting criticism that they have been unprepared.

‘Broken Diamonds’ Review: Illness as a Narrative Convenience

The drama about a brother caring for a sister uses mental illness as an engine for a predictable plot.

How Blue Cities Became So Outrageously Unaffordable

How did the party of big government become the party of paralysis?

Are Fitness Buffs Going Back to the Gym?

After months of virtual yoga and backyard burpees, former gymgoers ponder a new workout landscape.

‘Black Widow’ | Anatomy of a Scene

The director Cate Shortland narrates a sequence from her film featuring Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh.

U.S. Won’t Seek Death Penalty in 7 Cases, Signaling a Shift Under Biden

The decision not to seek the death penalty in federal cases around the country has raised defense lawyers’ hopes that the administration may end the practice.

In Search of the California Barbecue Tradition

From storied Santa Maria tri-tip on the Central Coast, to barbacoa in Los Angeles, to hot links in West Oakland, the rules for slow-and-low are constantly rewritten here.

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