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University of North Carolina Can Keep Affirmative Action, Judge Rules

Students for Fair Admissions vowed to immediately appeal in a case that appears destined for the Supreme Court.

Russia's Low Vaccination Rates Leads to Record-Breaking Toll

The country hit 1,000 deaths in a 24-hour period for the first time since the pandemic began, reflecting the risks of having a low vaccination rate.

The Brittney Poolaw Case: When a Miscarriage Is Manslaughter

Glimpses of a post-Roe world in Oklahoma. 

Joe Manchin Versus West Virginia on Climate and Child Care

On climate and children, he's hurting his own constituents.

Democrats Are Courting Manchin on Their Agenda. Here’s What He Wants.

The West Virginia Democrat could decide the fate of President Biden’s top legislative priority, and he has not been shy about outlining the kinds of changes he wants to see.

Biden's Paid Leave Plan at Risk as Lawmakers Seek Cuts

An initial proposal to offer workers 12 weeks of paid leave could be whittled down as Democrats try to trim their $3.5 trillion social policy bill.

In Norway Attack, ‘Sharp Object,’ Not Arrows, Killed 5, Police Say

The Norwegian police on Monday said that while a hunting bow had been used in last week’s rampage, the victims, four women and a man, were stabbed to death.

Jury Selection Begins in Trial Over Ahmaud Arbery’s Killing

Whether the three men accused in Mr. Arbery’s death were motived by racism will quite likely be a major theme in the case.

Elizabeth Diller Is Retelling Edmund de Waal’s Story — and Her Own

Designing a show at the Jewish Museum in New York has illuminated corners of hidden history in her life, the architect says. “Edmund dug into his past. I didn’t. I couldn’t bear it.”

Among Chardonnays, Chablis Is Not Better, Just Different

The 2019 vintage confirms Chablis’s distinctive qualities. As for other chardonnays, blame the winemaker, not the place or the grape.

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