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PODCAST: The 2020 Noonies are Here and Even Greener than Last Year

Tune in for a nine-minute briefing on this year’s biggest, greenest and most independent tech industry awards: Hacker Noon’s prestigious #Noonies!Read the full story

Why Do I Want To Become A Manager

Every person at some point in their career may need to ask themselves “Do I really want to be a manager?” The question may seem straightforward, but the answer is not. It requires digging deeper and finding answers for ourselves without relying on what others believe is the right thing for us to do. Read the full story

Graph Databases: Full Detailed Review

There are many ideas and considerations behind graph databases. This includes their use cases, advantages, and the trends behind this database model. There are also several real-world examples to dissect.Read the full story

How to Use Machine Learning to Color Your Lighting Based on Music Mood

How to use machine learning to color your room lighting, based on the emotions behind the music you are listening (Python code available here)Read the full story

14 Small Productivity Principles You Can Start Practicing Today

Early in my career, I placed a lot of focus on doing more in less time. I thought I was being productive. The reality was I was simply scrambling from one task to the next without clarity on whether my work was effective or how I could do better. I focused on the end goal, the result I wanted to achieve without really caring about the process to get...

A Guide to Startup Funding Series Stages for Product Managers

The role of a product manager varies across the startup spectrum, from early-stage to the expansion stage. And knowing the stage of a startup when taking on a product management role can help you set the right expectations. Read the full story

Agile is "The Best"!

I was asked to answer the Quora question, “Why is the Agile model the best”. Read the full story

What to Do When Your Hulu or Netflix Account Gets Hacked

Streaming service accounts get compromised all the time either due to data breaches, credential stuffing attacks from leaked databases, or simply because of users employing weak passwords.  Read the full story

Bootstrap Vs. Material UI For React Based Project

Do you enjoy building fast and professional looking pages using React and Bootstrap? What if I tell you that there is a more efficient way (and in my opinion, that looks more professional) to build websites.Read the full story

Using Rust For Monitoring 30k API Calls Per Minute

At Bearer, we are a polyglot engineering team. Both in spoken languages and programming languages. Our stack is made up of services written in Node.js, Ruby, Elixir, and a handful of others in addition to all the languages our agent library supports. Like most teams, we balance using the right tool for the job with using the right tool for the time....

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