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Polypane's Founder Kilian Valkhof on Building the Browser He Wished He Had

Learn more about the story of how Kilian Valkhof built Polypane via this story. Read the full story

The Metaverse: From Websites to 'Webspaces' With Charles Read

I spend a lot of my time thinking about the emergence of "webspaces" on our existing internet, and how those webspaces will make up the metaverse.Read the full story

Could Bitcoin Actually Replace USD as The Prominent Global Currency?

Bitcoin maximalists would like to see it unseat the greenback as the world’s reserve currency. In fact, some are even hoping that the dollar will crash so that the reign of Bitcoin may come sooner. Will it happen? And is it reasonable to wish for it to happen?Read the full story

Data Visualization for Dummies: 3 Simple Charts with <70 Lines of Code

Make complex data easily digestible with these 3 simple charts.Read the full story

Figthing the Bad Actors with Machine Learning: Startup Interview with Harsh Pandya, CEO Giant Oak

While working in the financial and government spaces, we saw a need across industries for enhanced entity screening processes that use AI and machine learning.Read the full story

Why Your Startup Should Care About Revenue Multiples

Revenue multiples are valuation metrics based on company revenue. It is derived by dividing the enterprise value by the total revenue generated by the startup. Read the full story

Hacking Minds: Recommender Systems are Helping Businesses Maximize Revenue

Most modern businesses today heavily rely on recommender systems to maximize revenue. Read the full story

Women That Run eBay and eCommerce Businesses are Thriving

A look at how eCommerce platforms such as eBay have been empowering women-owned businesses through the pandemic.Read the full story

Using the Magento eCommerce Stage to Grow Your eCommerce Business

Want to start your eCommerce business in 2022? Here is the detailed checklist of how Magento will help you to grow your e-commerce business. Must read!Read the full story

"Do more when passion is the driver", says Ignatius Sani, Web Developer Instructor at CareerFoundry

Hey! My name is Ignatius Sani and I’m a web developer instructor at CareerFoundry, a coding Bootcamp that train junior developers.Read the full story

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