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Exploring Taiwanese Start Up Culture

Following our hiring survey for Taiwan startups, this story discusses how local companies find talent, and the importance of employer branding for scalability.Read the full story

Python Access Modifiers: Public, Private, and Protected Variables

Using access modifiers is part of the daily job of any OOP developer but things are a bit complex in python, or maybe a bit simpler.Read the full story

What Is Keyword Foraging and How Can You Use It For Better Search Results?

How this new term can help us understand the way people discover things online.Read the full story

Reviewing The Font:   Pacifico & Tips on How To Use It

Pacifico was very popular in the 2010s and was updated in 2016 to include light and bold weights. It takes inspiration from 1950s American surf culture.Read the full story

What Are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps are websites that look and behave like a mobile app, combining traditional web experience with native-app functions.Read the full story

How I Used Blitz JS To Take My Pet Project Into Production

Our colleague Lazar decided to built an Absence Tracker, so we can ditch the Telegram group where we reported our absences.Read the full story

The Application of Cloud Computing in the Health Care Industry

Although cloud computing isn’t something new to the healthcare industry, the industry is yet to fully utilize the potential of the cloud.Read the full story

The Rise of Femtech: Menstruation, Fertility, and Sex — Oh My!

The Femtech market is booming, presenting enticing opportunities across the board. But challenges remain. Read about the latest Femtech trends!Read the full story

Fractionalising NFTs — Platforms Review

What is an NFT fractionalisation and what platforms offer the best way to do it?Read the full story

What is Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Software?

The present Security Information & Event Management software sellers are presenting AI, advanced statistical analysis & other methods to their products.Read the full story

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