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GitHub Copilot Review: Does it Really Give a 55% Speed Boost to Development?

GitHub Copilot has become a topic of significant interest in the developer community due to its potential to accelerate development processes. This article presents a GitHub Copilot review and assesses its impact on enhancing development speed in real-life scenarios. \ Since its launch, Copilot has sparked various discussions, ranging from enthusiasm...

Thu Feb 29, 2024 01:33
Discussing Curative Web3 Security With Bezalel Eithan Raviv - Lionsgate Network Founder & CEO

I recently caught up with Bezalel Eithan Raviv, Founder and CEO of Lionsgate Network. In our discussion, we delved into the evolving cybersecurity threats in Web3, addressed victim challenges in combating fraud, and explored the need for enhanced security, awareness, and collaboration for a safer Web3 ecosystem. Welcome, Bezalel. Let’s kick off with...

Thu Feb 29, 2024 01:33
Algotech Presale Revolutionizes DeFi Scene, Surpassing $1 Million Raised In Weeks

SAN FRANSCISCO, California, February 28th, 2024, Chainwire/--Algotech Presale Revolutionizes DeFi Scene, Surpassing $1 Million Raised in Just Weeks. \ Algotech Presale Revolutionizes DeFi Scene, Surpassing $1 Million Raised in Just Weeks!  Emerging Cryptocurrency trading platform Algotech (ALGT) known to be famous with its cutting-edge features....

Thu Feb 29, 2024 01:33
BlockDAG's Meteoric Presale: $2M Milestone; Quick Look at Solana Breakout And eTukTuk Fights Climate

In the rapidly rising crypto world, exciting developments are on the horizon. BlockDAG's recent $2 million presale success marks a significant milestone in the crypto field, accompanied by the expected rise of Solana price and the eco-friendly initiatives of the eTukTuk presale. \ As investors eagerly anticipate Solana's potential 340% price increase...

Thu Feb 29, 2024 01:33
First Bitcoin Blockchain ICO Rockets Past $5M Milestone

LONDON, United Kingdom, February 28th, 2024/Chainwire/--The Bitcoin Dogs presale has already raised over $5.1 million in under 14 days. With only 5 stages remaining, the ICO is now at its halfway point and only has 16 days left before it ends. \ The ICO is covering fresh territory: no BRC-20 token on the BTC blockchain has been available for public...

Thu Feb 29, 2024 01:33
The DevOps Writing Contest: Round 6 Results Announced!

\ Welcome to the winners' announcement of the Final Round of the DevOps Writing Contest, hosted by Aptible and HackerNoon. \ Many thanks to all the contributors and readers who have participated in this contest over the last 6 months. It has been such an insightful journey. \ :::info Here are key stats that illustrate the value we've created...

Wed Feb 28, 2024 19:11

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