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Improving the loan application & management on a lending platform — a UX case study

Improving the loan application & management on a lending platform — a UX case studyBackgroundPrinceps Credit Systems Limited (aka Credit Wallet) is a fast- growing licensed micro lender in Nigeria. Based in Lagos, Nigeria. PCSL provides personal loans to salaried workers across the country through its innovative technology platform (Credit Wallet...

Learnings from working in the real world after UX bootcamp

👋 Hello! I’m back to share some insights in hindsight and the top actionable things I would consider doing differently for next time.Continue reading on UX Planet »

“3 out of 5 users have this issue”

We talk to 5 users and report that 3 out of 5 have an unmet need. Why shouldn’t UX Researchers report this and what to do instead? How to estimate how many users have a certain problem? You will find here A) a 30-second guide to get confidence intervals and B) an interview technique to get an even better estimation without statistics.About Zsombor:...

Humans, not Users: The Ethics of Design

Like maybe many of us I have a love-hate relationship with innovation in technology in design. On one hand, I’m very enthusiastic and excited about all the great developments going on but on the other hand, I see a great disruption taking place and I am very concerned about it. There are many side effects of digital innovation, to quote Marshall McLuhanWe...

The Classic Dilemma

A designer’s perspectivePhoto by Pablo García Saldaña on UnsplashAs a product/UX designer, you must have intersected with this feeling, the dilemma that you have to choose to provide a very honest experience for the users or provide a little tricky experience that can bring your user trapped in the experience that you made just for the sake of the business metrics.We...

Journey to buy a dot grid notebook for designing

A User Journey MappingAfter some weeks of my designing, I have currently learned about the user journey map and decided to make a user journey map taking me as a user. This will make me understand how the user journey is and how the user experiences the journey while reaching its end goal.Credits — blog.Coursify.meWhy User Journey Mapping?User journey...

40+ Design leadership and craft bits — Oct ‘21

What should designers be doing in their roles?Continue reading on UX Planet »

How to create Glassmorphism: Episode 1, Design series

Welcome to episode 1 of my learning series- I will be giving a step by step tutorial on how to create a particular Design trend in few simple steps. I will be listing down my mistakes as well, so that it becomes easy for a beginner UX designer to avoid them consciously.What is Glassmorphism?Glassmorphism is a term used to describe UI design that emphasizes...

10 Design Quotes Every UX Designer Should Live by

It’s design time!Continue reading on UX Planet »

Case Study: Spotify Jukebox

Support the venues that mean the most to you with Spotify Jukebox!Spotify JukeboxOverviewProject Duration: 4 weeksProject Type: Personal Portfolio work (not commissioned by Spotify)The goal: Give users the ability to support their favorite venues, restaurant, bar by making payments through the spotify app in return of having the opportunity to choose...

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