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Using ChatGPT to document UX patterns for a B2B design system

For many years I struggled with documenting UX patterns for a design system we’ve created in-house. Everything else went relatively smooth — the code, the components, even advocacy and adoption by the rest of organisation, but not the patterns. This might sound as a trivial task for some, but for me it was really challenging, and there were several...

All about usability heuristic #3: User control and freedom

Who doesn’t long for more freedom and control?!Okay wait…so with respect to everyone’s time and my domain (product design), let’s narrow down the scope to freedom and control while interacting with the products, specifically digital ones. Otherwise, it’s a vast topic (I can definitely chatter about it too someday 😉)Counting on the dearth of control...

Designing for Better Mental Health

Promoting positive well-being through UX designContinue reading on UX Planet »

Supercharge your UX Pursuits with the DIKW Framework

If there is one thing and one thing only the UX practice boils down to, it would be making decisions, and informed decisions at that.Continue reading on UX Planet »

Making the Right Choice: How to Select the Perfect Font for Your UI

via UnsplashAs a designer, I know the importance of choosing the right font for a project. It is critical as it defines your brand identity and sets the tone of the text, readability, and accessibility.When I started my career as a graphic designer, I had a passion for collecting fonts. Each font had its own story and style, giving the project a unique...

Observation is the first step in the UX research journey.

Often I spend my time sitting for long hours in nature observing plants, insects, trees, birds, and many strange creatures. Many times I heard crisp rustling sounds of the wind touching the leaves of trees as if they were telling me their unheard stories and sometimes the chirping sound of birds calling me to spend time with them. It never happened...

Must Have Documents For Freelance Designers & How To Make Them

Thumbnail by authorWelcome to the most boring part of being a freelance designer — which is the business-y part of things.And what’s an extremely important part of running a successful business ? having correct documents to protect yourself when things go south, because “unless it’s in writing it’s not legally binding.”Many designers who work for small...

A 10-point Design Critique Checklist for UX Designers

Critique is a foundational part of design education and professional practice.In one sense, design critique is simple: it’s just the process of evaluating others’ work and ideas. However, there is definitely an art to giving and receiving a meaningful critique.When it comes to UX Design, providing constructive feedback on UI/UX wireframes, mockups,...

7 Best AI Writing Tools for Designers

to accelerate your work and improve your workflowContinue reading on UX Planet »

5 UX principles for designing user-friendly AR experiences

Designing successful AR experiences is challenging; I’m sharing the 5 UX principles I discovered while working on an AR application as a Lead UX Designer in this blog.AR is becoming increasingly popular as technology advances and grows in popularity. With technology continuing to evolve & grow in popularity, many companies are using AR to enhance...

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