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From San Francisco to Berlin, moving to Europe as a UX Designer

The story about how I got herePhoto taken from our flight leaving San FranciscoIt’s been over a year since I moved to Berlin. In November of 2019, my partner and I arrived in Tegel airport after 21 hours of travel. As we awkwardly tried to corral our six suitcases to the taxi stand, we were told off by an old German that we were on the wrong side of...

What kind of designer are you? Finding out your ‘motivation code’. (part 1)

I was recently recommended a book called “The Motivation Code” by Todd Henry, the creator behind the “Accidental Creative” podcast.Continue reading on UX Planet »

How to Design a Brand That Changes Behavior

7 Sustainability badges making a big differenceContinue reading on UX Planet »

Ditch Color-Theory With These Tools.

You know there are 10 million colors out there. That is enough to overwhelm any beginner designer. Okay, let’s be practical; we describe and use only 7 colors (VIBGYOR) in our daily life. But even using these colors can be very tricky if you’re a beginner, but you don't have to learn the color theory or the psychology of colors to use them correctly;...

User stories: a comprehensive guide

What are user stories and can they really help us develop more user-centric products? Find out in this guide!The term “user stories” is a little misleading. When we think of a story, we often think of a long, drawn-out prose or biography. However, this is not the case with user stories in the agile world, where most are little more than a statement...

Becoming a user research advocate

Navigate through the hurdles on the way to an insightful user researchPhoto by David Travis on UnsplashThere are n number of reasons to not do user research. The designers slowly die inside when they fail to express the significance of user research to decision-makers. Here are the most common hurdles faced by researchers/designers in their journey...

Few tips to improve your UI designs.

Remember these things which most UI designers do when they start designing.Continue reading on UX Planet »

3 design choices that make Whatsapp the best instant messenger

They didn’t pay me, I swearThey’re subtle, but importantPeople love their messaging apps like their hometown sports teams. You’ll find die hard fans of iMessage, Messenger, Telegram, Signal, etc. defending their platforms with a ferocity found more in sports bars than on internet forums. Oh and I forgot Kik. But nobody uses Kik.To fan the flame and...

5 Inspiring Behance Design Portfolios to Watch Out

A Quick Portfolio ReviewContinue reading on UX Planet »

Is Your UI Messy? 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to creating high-quality products, all of the small details are crucially important.‍A lot of people argue what is more important, good UX or good UI, and I always tend to say — both. If one fails you can’t make an impact on your users. However often times users don’t think of what the UX is and value a product based on its looks.1. Ignoring...

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