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Get your Break Through into UX

3 Simple Steps to Take Today! ( +1 Bonus)Continue reading on UX Planet »

UI/UX Career: Building Your Personal Brand

How to build your personal brand to outmaneuver your competition and succeed in the UI/UX market.Continue reading on UX Planet »

Guerrilla testing, useful or not?

What does science and professional say about it.Continue reading on UX Planet »

21 Instagram Accounts to Follow for UX Design Updates and Inspirations

Instagram has become a favorite platform for designers to publish their work and share their knowledge.Continue reading on UX Planet »

5 Tips for Mobile App Design

On How to Attract More CustomersWith everything going mobile — from reading books to buying groceries to finding a life partner — it is evident that mobile design is part of the big party headed for the future. So, it is necessary for creators and businesses alike that they know the tricks to make their products appealing. And ‘appealing’ here does...

Making your own YouTube algorithm — Part 2: Why would you want to?

Making an open source app to help users craft their own YouTube algorithm — Part 2: Why would you want this?I am making an open source desktop app that lets users craft their own YouTube algorithm. You can read more about the inspiration at Part 1 of this series.What do I mean by letting users craft their own YouTube algorithm? Why would people want...

Let’s embrace the fact that everyone can become a designer

What my first few months as the design lead at a fast-growing start-up have taught me about working together with ‘non-designers’Recently, I was approached by someone in my organisation who had created a video about our new product features. Not having any prior video editing experience, they had used an online tool called Lumen5. They describe themselves...

How Successful Companies Evaluate Business Ideas

There are three vital areas to consider before selecting an ideaPhoto by Mika Baumeister on UnsplashI recently interviewed fifteen high-level executives to better understand how they evaluate business ideas within their organization. This was part of a consulting project where my team was responsible for creating a repeatable process for generating,...

The State of UX for 2021

UX design is a dynamic field that brings us new trends every year, and the last twelve months are no exception. The global COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdowns have brought a sudden change to the way we interact with the world, both digital and real. People have not only started to spend more time online; they’ve started to think and behave differently....

How Gen-X uses Whatsapp?

Research always excite you, it lets you dig into the minds of your target audience, and here’s my take on how Gen-x uses WhatsApp in their day to day life.Let’s start with getting to know what Gen-X means?🤔Generation X, or Gen X, refers to the generation born between the mid-1960s and the early-1980s. Gen Xers, which fall between baby boomers and millennials,...

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