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User-centered design has caused your phone addiction

2007 was the year the first iPhone was released. It was also when I started my studies in Industrial Design Engineering. Back then, user-centered design was the first commandment for any designer. Thou shalt always design with the end-user in mind. And who could be against that? The opposite, non-user-centered design, even sounds like an oxymoron. As...

8 AI-Powered Design Tools That would change the way you design (and boost your efficiency)

We all know Artificial Intelligence is the future and how powerful it could be.Continue reading on UX Planet »

Free online tools to design yourself without a designer when working from home — 2020 Version

Creating social media marketing graphics, light weight graphics easily with these free online toolsContinue reading on UX Planet »

Can bad UI design have good UX?

Bad UI design can kill UX, but not always. Here are some examples of when bad UI design works and when it doesn’tThe calculator isn’t the most beautiful thing in the world but when you press your fingers into its buttons, it can do some wondrous things. Or take Crocs — the butt of many jokes — but the first choice of shoes for people working in the...

Design System Pt. 3 — Jumping In

Where to start when you’re starting your design system and how to make sure you’re documenting properly.Continue reading on UX Planet »

How to perform a UX audit in eCommerce: a demonstration on McGraw Hill website

Learn to pinpoint website usability issues through heuristic evaluation from UXBooost’s Director of UX ResearchA UX audit not only uncovers usability issues, but it also provides valuable insights to optimize website conversions and product designs.Today, we want to share with you one of the audits our UX agency, UXBooost, performed during our last...

The ultimate guide for UX research methods

When working in UX, it is important to take the user with you with every step you take. At the end, you’re creating products for the user…Continue reading on UX Planet »

Web Accessibility—You are disabled too!

Web Accessibility“When UX doesn’t consider ALL users, shouldn’t it be known as “SOME User Experience” or… SUX?”Billy Gregory, Senior Accessibility EngineerToday, i.e. May 21 is being celebrated as the Global Accessibility Awareness Day and what’s a better day to write about web accessibility and how people often misunderstand this term.I came across...

Increasing engagement on Internshala through Gamification: UI & UX Case Study

Firstly, this redesign project is not related to Internshala. I have been designing digital products for a year now and this project was just to upskill myself as an aspiring Product Designer.I got to know about Internshala through its training platform “Internshala Trainings” back when was in my 1st year. It helped me a lot in getting better at my...

TOP 20 Amazing Dashboard Designs of the Week #2

Your weekly inspirationContinue reading on UX Planet »

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