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4 Step-wise Guide To Make The Design Interviewers Jaw-drop

and sound like a total design wizard that you areContinue reading on UX Planet »

How I landed my first UI design job at 16 with no portfolio or experience

And what you can learn from itEdited Unsplash image by Leio McLarenThe first ever UI design job I landed was in 2016, I was a young 16 year old kid with little to no experience, no portfolio and nothing but a love for coding and web design. Looking back now I got that job through pure luck, but luck is really just preparation meeting opportunity (Seneca)....

The Beginner’s Guide to User Flow in UX Design | 2022

The user flow in UX design is essential for creating a great UX design that can straighten out the user’s path, what problems they may meet, how to fix, what they need, how to start, and how you design. When these are clear, your design work can be much easier, and the user’s experience will be better.To help you understand user flow UX design, we’re...

Building Better Experiences with Content Design

Good content design leads to great products with a purposeful user experience. Having a content-first design and development process ensures the achievement of product goals and efficiency. That’s why the design-driven big brands of the world, Airbnb, Apple, Uber, Zomato, Nike, etc all have positioned themselves as content-first companies.Content design...

Design Handoffs — 6 ways to get better at communicating with developers.

Design Handoffs — 6 ways to get better at communicating with developers.How to make sure what gets designed is what gets built?It's not easy for the designers to see the end result of the developed designs vary largely from the high-fidelity mockups that took weeks or even months to make!Implementing high-fidelity wireframes is not an easy feat for...

Want to Start a Career in UI design?

Become a UI designer [A Short Guide].Continue reading on UX Planet »

Dealing with the a$$hole participant

Don’t run! (Yet)Continue reading on UX Planet »

Must-have web design resources in 2022

12 unmatched web design resources for your next project.Continue reading on UX Planet »

How to Grow on Instagram as a Designer (A Brief Guide)

10 Steps a Designer can follow to become big on Instagram.Continue reading on UX Planet »

25 Amazing Illustrators To Follow

Illustration by ShakuroIllustration remains one of the main trends for 2022. It is a powerful visualization tool in interface design, thanks to a huge selection of styles and techniques, we can convey different moods.One of the most effective methods is to use non-standard, creative craft illustration. The more unusual — the better. Custom artwork allows...

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