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Kyle Dake 4 Year Progress Report

2 time world champion and 4 time NCAA champion gives his testimony utilizing functional patterns over the last 4 years! Making gains absent of the pains!

Functional Patterns - Functional Mace Exercise At Sunset

Functional Patterns

Functional Patterns Results with Mariko Strickland Lum!


Functional Patterns: A Fitness Industry Disruption

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Kyle Dake 2 Time UWW World Champion using Functional Patterns Strength and Biomechanics Training

Kyle Dake - Functional Patterns Strength and Rehab Training Here is a video of showcasing where we are currently with Kyle Dake. Kyle has been the athlete thus far showcasing the most commitment to the Functional Patterns training system. We still have to notch it up several levels to get him where I want him to be, but the progress is steady. If...

Fix Your Knee Pain | Corrective Knee Strengthening Exercise

Do you suffer from knee pain while walking or running? This problem is directly correlated to faulty gait cycle mechanics. In this video, we'll perform a corrective exercise using our FP TORQUE STRAP, pulley machine and medicine ball. Purchase the TORQUE STRAP here: 10-WEEK ONLINE COURSE:

How To Fix ROUNDED Back and Shoulder Posture

Here a few techniques that will help to address a rounded or kyphotic posture. Start with the myo-fascial release, followed by the FP band feedback mechanism and thoracic extension exercise. BAND used in video: FP HUMAN FOUNDATIONS 10 WEEK ONLINE COURSE:

Posture Exercises To Run Faster Pain Free - Improve Running Speed and Efficiency

Here's a great technique to help you improve the connectivity between the Gluteus Maximus and the contralateral hipflexors. Run Faster, Pain Free. Make gains without all the joint pains! Develop the glutes in the way nature intended them to develop on human beings. PARABALL 5LBS:

Case Study - Reducing Lumbar Spine (LOWER BACK) Pain And Compression

Here is my case study with my client Kainoa. He has had some major issues addressing his lumbar compression and thoracic kyphosis while he moves. It has proven to be a challenge since he was previously a professional bodyboarder that found himself in a constant kypholordosis. With the power of FP, we can overcome these conditions and keep him operating...

Thoracic Spine Strength Drill - For Neck and Shoulder Pain

In this video, I break down some myofascial release, an FP band feedback, and rotational strength work for the thoracic spine. Whether you deal with some form of shoulder, neck or back pain, these tools and exercises will provide a very potent feedback. PARABALL 5LBS:

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