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Ireland's Oldest Postbox in Cork, Ireland

This long-serving postbox sits outside the ticket turnstiles of Kent Station along the station's western wall, no ticket is required. It changed in color from red to green over the decades. Cork recently added a banner recognizing its record tenure in Gaelic and English.

Thu May 23, 2024 01:03
First Christian Church in Columbus, Indiana

Columbus, Indiana, is a city of just over 50,000 people located in the southern part of the state about 45 miles (75 km) from Indianapolis. At first, Columbus may seem like an average city, but Columbus is a haven for modern architecture filled with innovative and unusual buildings. The modernist architecture movement started in Columbus with the...

Thu May 23, 2024 00:03
Raja Ices in Pune, India

In the bylanes of Sadashiv Peth, an area in the historic part of Pune, lies this iconic ice cream parlor. First opened in 1947 by Manohar Waman Limaye, a former ammunition engineer, the shop specializes in hand-made pot ice cream. Limaye supposedly turned to his engineering skills when he took an old ice candy machine and reconfigured it to churn out...

Thu May 23, 2024 00:03
Cocaine Bear in Lexington, Kentucky

In 2016, a Lexington, Kentucky, gift shop unveiled a taxidermied black bear that had been recovered by the store's co-owners, Whitt Hyler and Griffin VanMeter. It wasn't just any taxidermy bear—this is Cocaine Bear. In 1985, this bear overdosed on cocaine dropped by a drug smuggler in Chattahoochee, a story that inspired a movie almost 40 years later....

Wed May 22, 2024 23:04
Self-Tribute Stone of 'Bagga-Sven' in Ballingslöv, Sweden

Sven Persson (1861-1928), a self-assured goat farmer known as "Bagga-Sven" or "Baggen" ("The Ram"), left behind a legacy that defies convention. In 1906, he inscribed a tribute to himself on a naturally flat upright stone near his cottage in the forest outside Ballingslöv in southern Sweden. The immodest inscription reads: "Memory of Laborer Sven Persson,...

Wed May 22, 2024 20:38
The sewer drain from “IT” in Bangor, Maine

The 1986 novel It by Stephen King is not only a classic, but a cultural phenomenon. As many people know, Bangor, Maine was the inspiration for the fictional town of Derry where the novel takes place. The prolific writer famously lived in a Victorian house in the town for years.  However, most people do not know is that the terrifying opening scene...

Wed May 22, 2024 20:09

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