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Health Content Marketing: 7 Insights to Stand Out in the Industry

In the past, medical etiquette has always discouraged advertising. Some worried that marketing would be insensitive to the nuances and complexities of health service delivery. Effective communication is essential for a good doctor-patient relationship, particularly when discussing cancer, obesity, sexual dysfunction, and other delicate...

Tue Nov 7, 2023 15:46
2024 Updated List of Health Resources for Content Marketing

The U.S. healthcare landscape has been radically transformed as millions of previously uninsured Americans access coverage for the first time thanks to the Affordable Care Act. What an opportunity this presents for professional writers who sift through complicated information and conflicting opinions, making coherent sense of emerging trends. ...

Tue Nov 7, 2023 14:44
Translation Market: 7 Reasons Why the Need for Translators is Growing

Taking one piece of content and turning it into something that can be understood by those who speak another language is a powerful and important skill. The world has always needed translators, and it always will. While many industries seem to be on a downward spiral, translation businesses have boomed. In fact, as of 2023, there...

Tue Sep 26, 2023 22:52
Search Generative Experience: What Is It & How Does It Impact SEO

When people so much as picture the concept of a search engine, it’s Google that comes immediately to mind, and with good reason. Since its founding in September 1998, Google has been setting the standard to beat when it comes to online search technology. Google’s now-famous algorithm was what originally gave it an edge over the competition and...

Thu Sep 21, 2023 18:16
UGC SEO: 5 Ways to Boost SEO with User-Generated Content

With social media becoming an increasingly important part of people’s lives and purchasing decisions, consumers expect more than great services and products from the brands they trust.  They also want ongoing relationships with those brands and to feel like they’re part of what those brands are putting out there. User-generated content – including...

Thu Sep 21, 2023 18:16
How to Use Reddit for SEO: 5 Tips to Boost Your Strategy

When you think of “SEO,” Reddit might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, the website reports more than 57 million daily users and over 100k active communities. That includes 13 billion-plus posts and comments.  That’s a lot of people spending a lot of time on a site some marketers don’t think twice about. If that sounds like you,...

Thu Sep 21, 2023 18:16

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