Table of Contents for Advanced Materials. List of articles from both the latest and EarlyView issues.
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Electrically Conductive Collagen‐PEDOT:PSS Hydrogel Prevents Post‐Infarct Cardiac Arrhythmia and Supports hiPSC‐Cardiomyocyte Function

Abstract Myocardial infarction (MI) causes cell death, disrupts electrical activity, triggers arrhythmia, and results in heart failure, whereby 50–60% of MI-associated deaths manifest as sudden cardiac deaths (SCD). The most effective therapy for SCD prevention is implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs). However, ICDs contribute to adverse remodeling...

Wed Apr 24, 2024 11:53
Swarm Autonomy: From Agent Functionalization to Machine Intelligence

Abstract Swarm behaviors are common in nature, where individual organisms collaborate via perception, communication, and adaptation. Emulating these dynamics, large groups of active agents can self-organize through localized interactions, giving rise to complex swarm behaviors, which exhibit potential for applications across various domains. This review...

Wed Apr 24, 2024 11:53
Reverse Atom Capture on Perovskite Surface Enabling Robust and Efficient Cathode for Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells

Abstract Protonic ceramic fuel cells (PCFCs) hold potential for sustainable energy conversion, yet their widespread application is hindered by the sluggish kinetics and inferior stability of cathode materials. Here, a facile and efficient reverse atom capture technique is developed to manipulate the surface chemistry of PrBa0.5Sr0.5Co1.5Fe0.5O5+δ (PBSCF)...

Wed Apr 24, 2024 11:53
Tailored Fabrication of Full‐Color Ultrastable Room‐Temperature Phosphorescence Carbon Dots Composites with Unexpected Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence

Abstract The development of single-system materials that exhibit both multi-color room-temperature phosphorescence (RTP) and thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) with tunable afterglow colors and channels is challenging. In this study, we developed four metal-free carbon dots (CDs) through structural tailoring and achieved panchromatic high-brightness...

Wed Apr 24, 2024 11:53
Closed Twisted Hydrogel Ribbons with Self‐Sustained Motions Under Static Light Irradiation

Abstract Self-sustained motions are widespread in biological systems by harvesting energy from surrounding environments, which inspire scientists to develop autonomous soft robots. However, most-existing soft robots require dynamic heterogeneous stimuli or complex fabrication with different components. Recently, control of topological geometry has...

Wed Apr 24, 2024 11:53
Wireless Technologies in Flexible and Wearable Sensing: from Materials Design, System Integration to Applications

Abstract Wireless and wearable sensors attract considerable interest in personalized healthcare by providing a unique approach for remote, non-contact, and continuous monitoring of various health-related signals without interference with daily life. Recent advances in wireless technologies and wearable sensors have promoted practical applications due...

Wed Apr 24, 2024 11:53

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