Table of Contents for Advanced Materials. List of articles from both the latest and EarlyView issues.
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Engineering Large‐Scale Self‐Mineralizing Bone Organoids with Bone Matrix‐Inspired Hydroxyapatite Hybrid Bioinks

Abstract Addressing large bone defects remains a significant challenge owing to the inherent limitations in self-healing capabilities, resulting in prolonged recovery and suboptimal regeneration. Although current clinical solutions are available, they have notable shortcomings, necessitating more efficacious approaches to bone regeneration. Organoids...

Sun Apr 21, 2024 12:04
Knotted Artificial Muscles for Bio‐mimetic Actuation under Deepwater

Abstract Muscles featuring high frequency and high stroke linear actuation are essential for animals to achieve superior maneuverability, agility, and environmental adaptability. Artificial muscles are yet to match their biological counterparts, due to inferior actuation speed, magnitude, mode, or adaptability. Inspired by the hierarchical structure...

Sun Apr 21, 2024 12:04
Disorder‐Broadened Phase Boundary with Enhanced Amorphous Superconductivity in Pressurized In2Te5

Abstract As an empirical tool in materials science and engineering, the iconic phase diagram owes its robustness and practicality to the topological characteristics rooted in the celebrated Gibbs phase law (F = C – P + 2). When crossing the phase diagram boundary, the structure transition occurs abruptly, bringing about an instantaneous change in physical...

Sat Apr 20, 2024 11:34
Annual Energy‐Saving Smart Windows with Actively Controllable Passive Radiative Cooling and Multimode Heating Regulation

Abstract Smart windows with radiative heat management capability using the sun and outer space as zero-energy thermodynamic resources have gained prominence, demonstrating a minimum carbon footprint. However, realizing on-demand thermal management throughout all seasons while reducing fossil energy consumption remains a formidable challenge. Herein,...

Sat Apr 20, 2024 11:34
Ultrathin High‐Entropy Fe‐Based Spinel Oxide Nanosheets with Metalloid Band Structures for Efficient Nitrate Reduction towards Ammonia

Abstract Spinel oxides with tunable chemical compositions have emerged as versatile electrocatalysts, however their performance is greatly limited by small surface area and low electron conductivity. Here, we rationally design ultrathin high-entropy Fe-based spinel oxides nanosheets (i.e., (Co0.2Ni0.2Zn0.2Mg0.2Cu0.2)Fe2O4; denotes A5Fe2O4) in thickness...

Sat Apr 20, 2024 11:34
Li‐Site Defects Induce Formation of Li‐Rich Impurity Phases: Implications for Charge Distribution and Performance of LiNi0.5‐xMxMn1.5O4 Cathodes (M = Fe and Mg; x = 0.05–0.2)

Abstract An understanding of the structural properties that allow for optimal cathode performance, and their origin, is necessary for devising advanced cathode design strategies and accelerating the commercialisation of next-generation cathodes. High-voltage, Fe- and Mg-substituted LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathodes offer a low-cost and cobalt-free, yet energy-dense...

Sat Apr 20, 2024 11:34

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