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Meta Now Lets You Manually Update Your Quest System Software Via PC Or Android

Meta released a web tool letting you manually update your Quest headset to the latest system software version.By default Quest system software automatically "rolls out" to headsets gradually over days or even weeks.The new Meta Quest Software Update Tool is a webpage that uses the WebUSB API to sideload the latest update to your USB-connected Quest...

Sun Jun 23, 2024 17:14
The Exorcist: Legion VR Turns Up The Fear With Free Quest 3 Upgrade

Survival horror adventure game The Exorcist: Legion VR received a free major update for Quest 3.It’s been six years since Fun Train’s The Exorcist: Legion VR launched, harnessing the iconic movie franchise as a backbone for its spooky story. Following 2022's separate visual overhaul on Quest, Fun Train has released a free major update in collaboration...

Sun Jun 23, 2024 14:13
ICYMI This Week: Grokit, Gazzlers, Beat The Beats, Noun Town & More

After this week's biggest VR news? Here's our latest roundup with a few stories you may have missed.Hardware news was dominated by AWE 2024 this week. We went hands-on with Sony's standalone enterprise headset, Ultraleap demoed Meta's Ray-Ban Glasses with an all-day hand tracking sensor and we checked out WowMouse, a WearOS app that attempts to turn...

Sat Jun 22, 2024 14:24
Inseye Lumi Is A $160 Cameraless Eye Tracking Addon For Quest 2 & 3

Inseye plans to release a $160 eye tracking addon for Quest 2 and Quest 3, though there's no specific timeline yet.Existing headsets with eye tracking like Apple Vision Pro and PlayStation VR2 use infrared cameras combined with infrared LED illuminators that help them see your eyes. The actual tracking is done using computer vision algorithms that analyze...

Sat Jun 22, 2024 00:20
Hellsweeper VR Overhauls Traits System In Ascension Update

Hellsweeper VR overhauls the traits system in the free Ascension update.Available now on most supported platforms, the latest Hellsweeper VR update streamlines the traits system. Developer Mixed Realms states this "reduces the need to memorize more complex recipes for forging stronger traits," changes the number of UI panels during forging, and moves...

Fri Jun 21, 2024 20:17
Taskmaster VR Review: Your Disappointment Starts Now

The British comedy game show Taskmaster is a joyful slice of television that’s beloved globally. It’s something that all TV shows, regardless of genre, should strive to be: clever, unique, honest with a hint of devious, and gut-shakingly funny. Sadly, Taskmaster VR doesn’t live up to the same standard.For the unfamiliar, Taskmaster is a reality comedy...

Fri Jun 21, 2024 19:18

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