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‘Disappear Completely’ Review: Netflix’s Vicious Spanish-Language Horror Recalls ‘Drag Me to Hell’

Director Luis Javier Henaine drags star Harold Torres through the nightmarish demise of a pitiless tabloid photographer, who loses his five senses one by one after exploiting a cursed crime scene.

Mon Apr 15, 2024 03:27
‘Barbie,’ ‘Oppenheimer,’ and ‘Succession’ Vie for Top Prizes at WGA Awards (Winners List Updating Live)

The annual award ceremony was delayed due to the writers strike, giving award watchers one last chance to celebrate the best films and TV of 2023.

Mon Apr 15, 2024 02:26
Zack Snyder Says ‘Sucker Punch’ Is His ‘Only Movie I’d Change,’ Still Has Hope for a Better Director’s Cut

While an extended cut of Snyder's much-maligned blockbuster was released in 2011, Snyder claims that it still isn't his preferred version of the film.

Mon Apr 15, 2024 01:27
‘Intercepted’ Review: Phone Calls from the Front Lines Score a Haunting Ukrainian War Doc

New Directors/New Films: A formally audacious chronicle that uses audio-visual disconnect to make us fill in the blanks.  

Sun Apr 14, 2024 23:55
George Miller Wrote a ‘Novella’ for the ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Cast and Crew That Helped Inspire ‘Furiosa’

The Australian director says his latest "Mad Max" film is based on the extensive backstory he gave his cast before making "Fury Road."

Sun Apr 14, 2024 23:23
Originality Wins ‘Civil War,’ Giving A24 and Alex Garland Their Best-Ever Opening Weekend

'Sasquatch Sunset' opened well in limited dates, but the weekend was off nearly 50 percent from 2023.

Sun Apr 14, 2024 21:22

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