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Michael Douglas Reveals He Asked to Be Killed Off in ‘Ant-Man 3’: ‘I Can Shrink to an Ant Size and Explode’

The two-time Oscar winner embraced his role as Hank Pym in the VFX-heavy Marvel franchise, but said 'I don't think I'm going to show up' for a fourth movie.

Mon Apr 22, 2024 02:54
Zack Snyder Clarifies Comments About ‘Rebel Moon’ Having More Viewers Than ‘Barbie’: ‘Cultural Significance Is Dictated by the Theater’

While Snyder stands by the math that led him to say more people streamed his space opera than saw Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" in theaters, he stressed that his comments weren't meant to minimize theatrical distribution.

Mon Apr 22, 2024 02:54
George Miller Spent 78 Days Shooting a 15-Minute ‘Furiosa’ Action Sequence with 200 Stunt Workers

The Australian director's latest Cannes-bound apocalyptic blockbuster promises to raise the bar for action spectacle yet again.

Mon Apr 22, 2024 01:54
The ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Team Talks Writing for Celebrity Guest Stars Without Backup Plans: ‘We Never Learned to Call People First’

On a recent PaleyFest LA panel, Larry David and his collaborators recalled writing scripts for famous guest stars without knowing if they'd say yes.

Mon Apr 22, 2024 00:54
Lourdes Portillo, Maverick Filmmaker and Social Activist Who Elevated Mexican Stories, Dead at 80

The Oscar and Emmy-nominated director is remembered as a major advocate for the Chicano and LGBTQ movements.

Sun Apr 21, 2024 23:53
‘Rebel Moon — Part Two’ Delivers Epic Battles — but Robot Jimmy Is the Scene Stealer

There's nearly an hour of VFX-heavy battle footage in Zack Snyder's sequel, buttressed by the return of Jimmy and the duel on the falling Dreadnaught between Kora and Noble.

Sun Apr 21, 2024 23:53


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