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Is There a Human Hiding behind That Robot or AI?

When human labor is hidden under the veneer of a robot or AI tool, that’s “fauxtomation”

Tue Apr 23, 2024 16:47
How Ugandan Tobacco Farmers Inadvertently Spread Bat-Borne Viruses

By cutting trees in response to international demand for tobacco, farmers induced wildlife to start eating virus-laden bat guano

Tue Apr 23, 2024 16:47
After Months of Gibberish, Voyager 1 Is Communicating Well Again

NASA scientists spent months coaxing the 46-year-old Voyager 1 spacecraft back into healthy communication

Tue Apr 23, 2024 01:30
Biden Kicks Off Earth Week with Solar Funding, Expanding Climate Corps

The Biden administration is marking Earth Week with announcements of solar power funding for lower-income communities, an expansion of the Climate Corps and Clean Air Act rules

Mon Apr 22, 2024 20:23
Time Slows Down When We See Something Memorable

New research shows that looking at memorable images can warp our perception of time

Mon Apr 22, 2024 20:23
Quantum Computers Can Run Powerful AI That Works like the Brain

The influential AI design that makes chatbots tick now runs on quantum computers

Mon Apr 22, 2024 18:20


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